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Buffalo Bravery

How to enter and stay solid when the energy around you feels like you are in a storm.

Recently, I was captivated by a documentary titled "The American Buffalo." Prior to watching this enlightening program, I had little knowledge about these majestic creatures. Yet, as the documentary unfolded, I found myself immersed in the fascinating world of buffalo, or Tatanka in Lakota and Plains Indian cultures. These creatures embody strength, bravery, and sacrifice, as revered by Native American beliefs. According to their spiritual teachings, the buffalo spirit encompasses all the essentials for sustaining life.

In the midst of the documentary's rich insights, one particular aspect stood out to me. Despite the myriad spiritual gems surrounding the buffalo, what struck me most was their response to impending storms. Unlike many creatures who instinctively flee from danger, buffalo exhibit a remarkable behaviour: they stride purposefully toward the storm, seeking to traverse it rather than avoid it altogether.

Reflecting on this wisdom, I found myself drawing parallels in my own life. Recently, while boarding a crowded bus en route to the city to volunteer at a homeless shelter, I encountered a situation akin to the buffalo's encounter with the storm. Amidst the packed bus, I spotted two vacant seats. In a matter of seconds, I discerned the energy surrounding each seat and deliberately chose to sit beside an individual emitting what many might label as "negative energy." Yes, I am always checking out energy and what sort of energy people carry and negative energy doesn’t repel me anymore, I draw to it – under spiritual discernment of course.

Rather than shying away from discomfort, I embraced it, embodying the resilience and courage reminiscent of the buffalo. This decision was not driven by military or army instincts, as some might speculate, but rather by a deeper intuition and spiritual discernment. Just as the buffalo confronts the storm head-on, I confronted the negative energy, holding steadfast to my own power and hopefully raising hers.

Then, arriving at the homeless shelter, I was met with numerous challenges and energy storms, where tempers often flared and tensions run high, although I have always run to the storm, in this past week I have been inspired by the buffalo's example, and leaning into these storms, I stand solid offering compassion and understanding to those in need which reminded me of the buffalo energy.

It's inevitable that at various points in our lives, we carry negative energy as a result of the storms we've weathered. Yet, more often than not, this negativity is merely a transient phase. What I've come to realize is that the Great Spirit or God resides within each of us, and like many of the great spiritual leaders i.e. Jesus, Ghandi and many others, they didn't shy away from the storms of negative energy, but rather moved towards them, we too can embody this buffalo approach.

Despite common advice to "stay clear of negative energy," I find such notions nonsensical. Instead, let us allow our light to shine brightly, akin to the buffalo, and remain steadfast in holding our own energy. In doing so, we can uplift the negative energy of others, therefore, contributing to a world that's a little lighter and brighter.

In these moments, I realized the profound lesson the buffalo teaches us: the importance of facing adversity with courage and compassion. By confronting the storms in our lives, we not only navigate through them but also emerge stronger, embodying the resilience and grace of the buffalo.

So dear friends, here’s to Buffalo energy and if you find yourself in an energy storm, slowly, steadily and courageously walk towards it and be out the other end before others have even experienced it and you’ll be much wiser and more solid for all the lessons in it.

My question to you is "Will you remember the Buffalo in your next energy storm?"

Let me know how you go! 

Until next time.


Rachel x

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