Are you ready to feel "unshackled"?
Unshackled from erroneous limiting beliefs, a life of trading in guilt on a daily basis and that feeling of continuous overwhelm, burnout and unfulfillment?
Then you've come to the right place.  
Hi, I'm Rachel and I work with Executives in claiming and unshackling the power of who they "truly" are in a safe confidential space, with no airs and graces and somewhere they can truly unlock their innate power and potential.
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I get it, I know, I'm an ex-Executive.  You feel restless, unfulfilled, burdened and it's lonely at the top.

You sometimes feel like you’re lost in the dark,  you don’t know which direction to head and your putting on one face to the world and the other is deep down and inside you're screaming - HELP!
That's where I come in!
Working together, we delve into figuring out the "true" spirit of who you are and what you were put here for; to help you achieve balance and bliss, make meaning and most importantly understand the contribution that you were put here to make, that part that craves to serve the world at a higher and deeper level .
In aligning and knowing,  the spirit of who you are, you uncover and unshackle that part of you that is the deep wisdom waiting to unfold it's magnificence through you and its transformative!  That part of you that is energetic and unapologetic in all situations and circumstances. That part that is believing, bold and brillant. The essence of YOU.
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Spanning over a period of three years, I interviewed very successful CEO's, CIO's, Founders, Entrepreneurs and Silicon Valley Millionaires for their advice on how intuition played a role in their success. This book is the culmination of those interviews.

Client Love


“Rachel is a catalyst for self-realization and driver of change in people’s lives.”


- Purnima Singh – CEO, Founder, Businesswoman

Client Love


“I don’t pretend to understand the mechanics of how Rachel does what she does, but what I do know is that her methods provide me with a clarity and focus that I haven’t got from other coaching and development opportunities. She seems to be able to focus on the areas of greatest need, both professionally and personally, some of which I may not have identified myself.” 


- Michelle van Gaalen, Managing Director


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Hey I'm Rachel and I am an ex-Army Sergeant, Successful Corporate Technology Executive, Speaker, Author and In-Training Metaphysics Minister (qualification). 


I look at real world problems and see how we solve and ground them with spiritual solutions. No woo woo or airy fairy nonsense here, everything we do is grounded in reality, results and rationality along with measurable outcomes and a trusted ear. I work with Individuals, Boards, CEO's, CIO's, Leaders, Senior Leadership Teams, Mangers, and their teams. 

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