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Hi I'm Rachel!
I work primarily with Business and Executive women to help you:
Go Beyond You!
I do this by blending Business, Energy and Spirituality and we work together to help you understand yourself, smash limitations and realize dreams.
If this sounds like something you'd love to experience in your life, you, then you've come to the right place.
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Hi Gorgeous!

I was once an Australian Army Sergeant who served on the front line before becoming an award-winning Corporate Tech Executive. I had achieved a lot, yet I yearned for more. I craved a different life…an awakened life. So I transformed myself, and my purpose.


Now I work with clients in blending business, energy and spirituality because without this mix, life becomes out of flow.


For wholeness, spiritual well-being and mental wellness in a world moving so fast, it’s easy to feel out of balance…and out of breath.


Addressing that blend of business, energy and spirituality with an expert will enhance not only your business and profitability, it will fine-tune leadership capabilities and lead to…a sense of harmony and of happiness - at home, and at work.


Because without that, what’s the point?


My multi-dimensional, multi-sensory journey works.  And it will change you, from the inside out - just like it changed me. 


If you are ready to pioneer new paths, forge new trails and build meaningful, energetically balanced and purposeful lives from that authentic yet more spiritual place - then you've come to the right place.


And I can’t wait to meet you.


Rachel x

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The list of my programs that will

change your life!

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These sessions are all about clarity, connection, guidance and congruence. They are all about helping you to clear the fog so clarity shines through and you make confident decisions easily and powerfully.


We take you on a six month (results and outcomes based) coaching program to help you boost your business, career or life. We track that progress and together we transform your life! 


Transferring ancient wisdom, energetic, spiritual and wellness practices that empower, excite and energise for those wanting to use holistic wellness in their practices or to take out and use with their clients.

"Rachel is the secret weapon we all need to unleash our potential and capability to live and lead better lives."

Janine Garner

Global Speaker, Leader

& Best Selling Author

“You are a catalyst for self-realization and driver of change in people’s lives.” 

Purnima Singh

CEO, Founder, Businesswoman.

“Since working with Rachel my revenue has increased by 32%, which is huge - but the biggest increase is in my learning, growth and personal development". 

Kelly Slessor

CEO and Founder of ShopYou.

Client Love.

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