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Heart-Led Healer

You've taken the first big leap in being here so if you're ready to shine brighter than ever before - then there's no time like right. this. minute.

We all need a little help sometimes, especially when it comes to figuring out who we are, how to change or transform any outgrown habits or behaviors, how to find out what we were put here for and confidently do it, how to increase our business profit or even find our way into or out of something - and it can be pretty tough to figure that out on our own looking from the inside out.

That is where I come in.


What I do is like nothing you've ever had, because I am unlike anyone you've ever met.  ​


What I do is not standard, because there is nothing standard about what I do or who I am.


From my military days spent developing discipline and serving over in war torn environments to becoming a top 1% sales person in Global Corporate Tech Companies. From interviewing 50 of the world’s most successful people on the role intuition plays in their accomplishments, to being the secret spiritual healing coach behind countless Fortune Technology 100 individuals and companies; from studying a Masters in Divinity, to leading high performance workshops around the globe; I’ve always made it a point to explore the boundaries of human potential - from the inside out.

What is Heart-Led Leadership, Spiritual Business Coaching and Energy Medicine?

In this modern age we live in our heads and with Heart-Led Leadership we get you out of your head into your hearts so you live from a place of passion and courage.


Spiritual business coaching is a way to integrate a spiritual (not religious) element into the traditional coaching relationship. This is deep inner work for outer transformation. In doing this deep work, we are guiding clients to find divinity within, live within paradox, gain inner happiness, purpose, profitability and peace from the inner world. Then the outer follows with prosperity, business / life success and harmony.


Energetic Medicine and Spiritual Healing integrates to quicken the body's integration for this transformation.  

All of these combined together accelerate emotional, mental and spiritual, change and transformation!

What happens in our sessions?

I have realised over many years in this arena that I don’t know your path more than you do. It’s my job to hold the space in this process and be a sounding board in a confidential and non-judgemental way. It's my job to hold your desires and thoughts as sacred, look out for energetic, spiritual, emotional and habitual patterns, ask great questions and then reflect back what I’m seeing or knowing in unraveling what’s entangling you, in realising your truth.  We also work with practical actions and applications so you start to see quick changes start to permeate every areas of your life.

We work in a co-collaborative process through a multi-sensory, and multi-dimensional journey and during that sacred process, we agree on what coaching, energy medicine, breathwork, pastoral counselling techniques, chanting or other techniques that feel right that we could use.  Through past experience, a lot of holistic practices are used to speed up the integration and change you are desiring at a cellular level.

Why makes me different? Well the above + lots more! 


Firstly, I have used everything I teach, on myself and as you can see from above, I have transformed my life in so many ways.


Secondly, I need to say that I am not here to 'fix' anyone because I don't believe people are broken - it's just that some people have forgotten the latent potential of wisdom deep within and I help people reveal their own truth to themselves.

Thirdly: I believe that YOU have the answers, are already very intuitive and know what will and will not work for you, my job is to help that genius I know exists within you come forth with courage and confidence.


These are just a few of the ways that make me different but if you wan to read more go to my About Me page to my Aroha page to see the testimonials from just a snippet of the clients who have loved what I offer.


If you are ready for inner intuitive and spiritual change and transformation like never  before, you've come to the right place. 

Are you ready to stop scrolling and start enrolling?

Hi Gorgeous,

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(well sort of doesn't include spiritual/energy medicine stuff)

Soul Treatments

A mix of business, spiritual (not religious) and life coaching as well as breathwork and energetic medicine, where we focus on breaking down inner chamber constraints, boosting boldness, healing hurts and creating courageous confidence and open hearted loving life peeps!  
Currently waitlisted. Booking for 2022.

Breathwork, Energy Medicine and Psychic stuff. 
Currently waitlisted for about a month in advance.

Letting everything you don’t love to do fall away, creating the space for you to live + seek + play. Seeing your heart + soul expand
On hold during Covid. They book up fast once opened!