Rachel. x

Hi I'm Rachel!
I am a Business, Wellness, Spiritual Life Coach, Trainer and Author and I help people to:
Shine Their Light.



If you are ready to show-up and serve at levels that help you achieve happiness, performance, balance, mental wellness and inner peace then you've come to the right place.


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Hi Gorgeous Peeps!

I'm a published Author, qualified Business, Wellness and Spiritual Coach and Leader.


Oh and did I mention also an Army Sergeant and award-winning Corporate Executive?


Yep, no woo woo or airy fairy here! 

I help people change and transform their professional and personal lives from the inside out. To do this, we turn off, tune in and help you take off at a multi-dimensional and multi-sensory levels to achieve phenomenal success!


If you want your life, business or career to take off, then you've come to the right place!

What I offer my clients is nothing like they've ever experienced, because I am unlike any person you've ever met. 


I have worn many different hats in my life and have always been a dynamic and successful agent of radical transformative, energetic and spiritual change.


From starting out as an Australian Army Military Sergeant and serving overseas in a war torn environment, through to a long and successful IT Technology Corporate Sales Executive Career, qualifying as a holistic therapist and now as a successful Business, Spiritual and Life Coach - yet my mission from my Military days to now has always been the same:


"To Lead with Love and Serve for Success". 

If you are wanting something where someone will lead from a place of love (sometimes tough love) and service and help you dive deeper and live bolder and more passionately than you ever have before in business or in life then you've been intuitively led to the right place.

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change your life!

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Expanding and growing you or your business.

Emotional, Holistic, Mental Health and Spiritual wellness practices.

Innovative, Imaginative and Immersive learning experiences.

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"Rachel is the secret weapon we all need to unleash our potential and capability to live and lead better lives."

Janine Garner

Global Speaker, Leader

& Best Selling Author

“You are a catalyst for self-realization and driver of change in people’s lives.” 

Purnima Singh

CEO, Founder, Businesswoman.

"Her practical and personal spiritual strategies slice through succinctly to solve real world problems."

Rebecca Morris

Global Culture and Resilience Leader,

Speaker & Author.


Client Love.

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