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Heart - Led Mystic.

I work with gorgeous people from all over the world in connecting head, heart and spirit; so they inspirationally lead and live the lives they want, with courage, love, intention, purpose, confidence and a connection within to that 'something greater'.

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From the outside, it may seem that others often get all they desire without having to lift a finger. Although our experiences on Earth are unique, I’m here to tell you that it’s is simply not true; these people are merely more aligned in leading with their head, heart and spirit. They align with their purpose, thoughts, dreams, and are being rewarded by the universe for their commitment and dedication to it as transformative individuals. As much as you may be comparing yourself to others and feel that from these comparisons you are inferior, I  am here to tell you that you are not! I know and believe that from working with hundreds of people that everyone has the power within them to achieve their personal goals and aspirations…and I’m here to show you how all from a head, heart and spirit led life!

Who is this for?  
My Clients Often:


  • Lead and live from their intellect and rarely venture to the heart or intuitive parts of themselves - yet know something is missing.

  • Feel lost and directionless and cannot seem to find their purpose in life.

  • Experience heavy emotions of being overwhelmed or bogged down by the magnitude of decisions and responsibilities.

  • Are terrified of change, good or bad – voluntary or unprovoked.

  • Desire healing at a heart and spiritual level (not just a head level) for whatever reason physically is being presented such as anxiety, depression or dis-ease.

  • Lack the levels of confidence they used to have as well as have low levels and self-assurance.

  • Desire to be able to make; more impact, more money and more meaning in their lives.

  • Are unable to set clear boundaries that will help keep them on the path towards achieving their dreams.

  • Have doubt in their ability to succeed within the goals they have set.

  • Are looking to explore vulnerability and spiritual sides in a safe environment but are unsure where to begin in harnessing their innate power.

  • Have forgotten how to become visionaries that lead from the heart in courage and love (as well as use the head and intuition).


As you can see, I work with clients for a myriad of reasons, all of which are inhibiting their ability to fall back into the divine flow of the universe and lead a joyous life full of wonder, accomplishments, and all-encompassing happiness. In my professional capacity, I will help you resolve any areas of self-doubt, skepticism, and apathy to get you back on track to living the life of your dreams.


As a Heart-Led Leader and Healer, it is my promise to help you delve deep to safely inspect the spaces within you that are so often left unexplored. In my years of experience, it is by confronting and healing these thoughts and emotions of discomfort that we truly find out what it is we want out of life, and better yet, what we can do to get it.


I will help you identify what sparks courage, what the positive and negative beliefs you have about yourself and support you in determining which you would like to keep, which you would like to change, and which you should simply toss away on your journey towards your connection within. My goal is to help you achieve clarity on your purpose and to inspire the confidence within you to make the clear and strategic decisions that will positively impact the outcome of everything life will ask you to face.


As you’re reading this, I invite you to notice your longing for something better and have faith and trust that I can (and will) help you navigate your way towards it.


I so look forward to meeting you.


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