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Kia Ora Sweet Soul,

I am so glad you stopped by!

I am devoted to guiding you on a profound journey of self-discovery and renewal.

Through ancient wisdom, sacred ceremonies, and compassionate healing practices, I help you reconnect with your inner divine, heal deep emotional wounds, and honour the ancestral energies that shape our life.

Whether you seek personal empowerment, spiritual growth, or a deeper connection to the sacred, my tailored rituals, talks, coaching and healing sessions are designed to nurture your soul and transform your life.

Embrace the spiritual path of abundance, healing, faith and aroha to shine your light with a trusted guide by your side.

Kia Ora beautiful Soul,


I’m grateful you are here and that my services have found resonance with your heart. I bow to you and the master that resides within you. It is my honour to have the opportunity to serve you along the awakening journey of your evolving soul.

​If you are here, you are welcomed into a tribe that is ambitious, kind, curious, daring, passionate and excited to live extraordinary multidimensional, deeply sacred lives. We are powerful, sensitive, compassionate, intuitive, smart and ready to step into owning our power to live BIG lives with aroha! We know we are here to fulfill, and important mission and purpose and we know the time is now. 


When we collaborate together, I encourage you to SHOW-UP, remove the shackles and embrace your true source of divine love power, presence and essence.  We then start to HEAL those mental stories, energetic blocks and patterns that have held you back from contributing to the awakening into your life purpose, allowing you to become an agent of positive change and a radiant heart-centered catalyst who is then ready to SERVE for the collective evolution of this planet.

My intention as your spiritual guide and a humble guide along your path, is to assist you in unlocking the full magnitude of your spiritual gifts and inner wisdom.

Are you ready? 

Kia Ora beautiful one, I'm Rev. Rachel

A devoted servant to the sacred mysteries of life, a healer of hearts and spirits, and a ritual elder guiding souls through the transformative journey of existence. My path is one of ancient wisdom and timeless traditions, woven together to create a sanctuary where healing, growth, and spiritual awakening are nurtured.

Imagine a tree standing tall and resolute, its roots deep within the earth, drawing strength and sustenance from the ancient soil, while its branches reach out to the heavens, embracing the light and energy of the cosmos. This tree is a living bridge between worlds, a conduit of wisdom and healing. This is my path.

From my earliest days, I have been called to serve as this living bridge, connecting the earthly and the divine, the seen and the unseen.

My journey is unique and has taken me from the military as a Sergeant serving on the front line, to becoming a 6-figure high performing corporate salesperson, a spiritual business coach, healer, and a new thought minister. 


Now I share the wisdom from sacred texts of old, weaving in the healing arts passed down through generations, and the mystical rituals that honor the cycles of nature and the human spirit.

If you are ready for deep spiritual growth that encompasses your multi-dimensional self, you are in the right place! 


R x

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when doubt surrounds us, love lights the way

Client Aroha

Being naturally a cynic about all things spiritual and woo woo, I was very skeptical when Rachel was recommended to me. I did, however, need some help finding my direction after narrowly avoiding a nervous breakdown in my corporate life. Rachel gave me the wisdom to rediscover my true passion and the courage to chase it. My life has taken on a completely new direction thanks to her and I am happier, closer to my life goals and giving more back to the world. I won't pretend I'm all the way there yet, but I'm on the right path and will continue to look to Rachel for guidance.

Nick Slessor. Corporate Executive & Author. Australia.

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