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Embodying a soul-aligned life can be overwhelming to set into motion and flow.

Learn how to unlock intuition, focus your energy, and take the steps to create an abundant, heart-led, purposeful and divinely inspired life.

a path to the heart...

The ancient mystics of the past know that within the nexus of the heart, each of us has an innate guide and healer within.

When we tap into our sacred heart,
we can access and align to a spiritually-led life. We can also access a realm of wisdom, healing and spiritual gifts, to be transformed beyond our wildest dreams.

Awakening into this sacred container with intention reflects the beauty of your own soul and bridges the intellect with the heart nexus and spirit.

f you're ready for deep growth that encompasses your multi-dimensional self, you're in the right place.

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I am privileged to have first met Rachel over 16 years ago when I interviewed her for a sales role at IBM – I knew immediately that she was someone special and of course went on to hire her for the role and she was a star performer. From there we went on to work with each other at two other companies, including HP, and developed a strong mutual respect. When Rachel changed direction to move into Spirituality, I became a healing client of hers and can vouch for her incredible intuition and insights to help you grow personally and professionally. Without her guidance, my life would not be what it has since become, and I can honestly say this has been life changing!

Catherine Blinkhorn

Hi, I'm Rachel

I'm glad you're here

My young journey began as a gypsy, traveling from city to city in a caravan and in awakening spiritual gifts at an early age inherited from my mother and my two grandmothers on both sides.


At 18, I was determined to join the Australian Army and in doing so, became one of the first women to train men to become soldiers and also serving overseas with the United Nations in a war-torn environment. I left the military with medals and honors after 10 years along my spiritual gifts reawakening, ready to conquer the business world.

My ambition then led me to a 20-year career in corporate technology, working with industry giants like IBM, HP, and Sun Microsystems (now Oracle) winning multiple high achiever awards. At the same time Spirit led me back to my spiritual gifts and despite a demanding corporate career, I maintained a successful side hustle as a spiritual healer and psychic reader (gifts that re-awakened from my childhood in the Army).

During my corporate and healing years, it led me to spend eight years studying metaphysics and mystical principals in a Master of Divinity, eventually becoming a Minister.

Today I am an on-call Spiritual Advisor and Healer for global CEOs and other mystical seekers, guiding them to unlock their highest potential and navigate their personal and professional lives with spiritual clarity and purpose.

In my spare time I love traveling, innovation, and cherishing time with my Māori husband and son.



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Spiritual Direction for Business or Career helps clients uncover their purpose, reduce limiting beliefs, tap into their innate spiritual gifts, and navigate challenges with resilience and grace. It encourages a balance between profit and purpose, inviting individuals to create businesses that not only thrive financially but also contribute positively to the world around them.

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The most beautiful divine brunette archangel with a white halo short curly hair in white,


Sacred Heart Outreach provides compassionate support to troubled youth and the homeless community. We offer resources, guidance, and empowerment initiatives aimed at fostering healing, resilience, and a path toward stability and self-confidence.

In these sessions, we focus on a mix of healing, discovering their purpose ('why'), and implementing actions that support spiritual and life-changing transformation and growth.

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Sacred Heart 1-1 healing offers personalised sessions integrating spiritual guidance, energy work, and holistic practices, fostering deep emotional release, physical well-being, and profound spiritual growth for individuals seeking transformative healing experiences.

These sessions include the laying on of hands, spiritual guidance, channeling and life altering questions. People experience a multitude of positive changes.

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