Exclusive Treatments

Every belief you’ve built, every story you’ve told yourself, every thought you’ve had, and every action you’ve taken has led you right here to this moment. And really, it’s not a bad place to be.

But if you close your eyes and picture your pinch-me-happy-level life, career and business, I bet you aren’t quite there yet, are you?


If I handed you a magic wand and genie powers, you’d most likely change a few things. It’d be *poof* out with the meh, and *poof* in with the meta magic.

Unfortunately, the world doesn’t give us magic wands...but make no mistake about it — we DO have the power.


IMMENSE power that I believe is within you to discover the wildly creative power and resources of your soul and I believe it is an expansive place of EVERYTHING that you can imagine it to be!


A place of wisdom, of power, of creative energy and of joy and happiness. When this is accessed it is where true healing and prosperity happen. 

So when you come to see me for whatever service, you come in with us knowing that YOU have all the answers. You are the magic and master of your life. 

We are here to help you remember that and remind you how to access it. 

So stop scrolling and start enrolling!

See you on the other side of fabulous!

Rachel x


Heart-Led Leadership Workshops.

We all know as Leaders how to lead from the head, how to intellectually lead our teams, but do we know how to balance that and lead from the heart? 

Our heart lead leadership workshops are not airy fairy, nor la la land. Just like my coaching programs, we don’t skim the surface with fluffy empowerment exercises and rah-rah “You can do it!” superficial level stuff.


We are about raising profitability, leadership capability, along with authenticity, so you lead your teams where others fear to tread with courage, conviction and confidence balancing the head, heart and intuition.

Investment: Book a free 40min Discovery Call for more information for your team. Minimum of 10 people per workshop is required.  


Heart-Led Leadership Coaching

True health, wealth, confidence and happiness starts from within. It’s built belief by belief and action by action, each one moving the compass closer and closer to your dreams.

But if your mindset is calibrated towards lack instead of luxury, towards fear instead of faith, towards concern instead of courage, you’re always going to be living with less than you deserve. 

Some coaching programs out there splash around in the shallows, but with our session we go way deeeeeeeep. We don’t skim the surface with fluffy empowerment exercises and rah-rah “You can do it!” superficial level stuff.

We take a scuba dive into your subconscious and root out the shit that’s holding you back, limiting your beliefs, plateauing your income, and blocking you from hitting the next level. Because that is the ONLY WAY you’ll ever be able to create real momentum and transformational change.

From letting go of inherited stories that have been in your bloodline for generations to shaking off cultural paradigms to healing your inner child, you’ll be slowly and safely guided through parts of yourself you’ve never met before, but have long been begging for your attention. By the way: the payoff is enormous.

As a qualified and successful Spiritual Coach with many testimonials to back up the results, these private one-to-one coaching sessions help you remember what it is like to calibrate your mindset, confidence and health into luxury and limitless abundance in all areas of your life. I have TONS of testimonials if you wish to see these on this program! These are held online via Zoom.


Investment:  $4995 NZD for six months.

Payment plans available and discounts for full payment upfront upon request. More details when booking a free 40min introductory call.


Heart-Led Healing Treatments

Our heart-led healing, energy and prosperity programs are unlike anything you've ever had because I am unlike anyone you've ever met. 

Want to know what happens when you draw a line in the sand and decide that the old way of living your life and managing your energy isn’t good enough for you anymore? That’s when everything you want starts snapping into place.  

These one off energy and channeled healing sessions can be quite surreal and I don't describe what can happen as anything can happen when spirit channels through my heart. We work on the energetic level to bring more flow to the manifestation process and we dive deep into the subconscious beliefs to unlock your ultimate Truth. 


By working with pure intentions, a mix of Reiki, Reflexology, Spiritual Healing, Psychic messages or anything else that comes through - from the heart, we put aside our personal agendas about what's best, and allow the divine to lead the way for that which is for your highest good.


These can be done online as with energy there is no separation, however, in person people say that is where the magic happens with these healing hands so if possible try to do these in person.


Investment:  50mins. By Aroha Koha.

Aroha in Māori means love and Koha is a New Zealand Māori custom which can be translated as gift, present, offering, donation or contribution. So gifting in love.


Accelerating Spiritual Awareness Academy (TM).

One of my original signature programs that has been nailed down to a results based program over the years as some people who are head led like to delve more into the spiritual side.

It is for those who never stop pursuing those heart sacred inner and outer worlds and you want to know more than you ever have about it. In one way or another, you are always seeking to understand more about yourself, your life, your purpose and your place in the universe. You seem to want to dwell in this inner mystical place in a safe and yet adventurous environment.  Well you've found it!


This is a hybrid program of both training, teaching, coaching and unlocking with massive transformation included!  We pursue those mystical and magical inner lands and landscapes. We work and play with the creative, metaphysics, sacred texts, tarot cards, dream interpretations, sacred geometry, dowsing, scrying and many other spiritual/psychic and traditional forms of teachings and those sacred questions you want to pursue the most about yourself and the world around you.  To add to all of this we also incorporate any of the above offerings such as health and prosperity treatments, breathwork and chakra or spiritual healing into this program you feel you need along the way. We meet fortnightly. Contact me to schedule a free 40min call about this program. This is done either in person or online.

Investment:  $9165.00 for 12months.

Payment plans available and discounts for full payment upfront upon request. More details when booking a free 40min introductory call.



Our retreats are intimate, exclusive and sought after. When we announce them they sell out quickly. Click on the link below to view more about our retreats. 

Investment:  See our retreat page at this link.


Public Prosperity, Healing & Wellness Treatments.

We often work and are invited to participate at various community centres, Maraes and community open days. Contact me for an updated schedule of where we will be next where you can participate. 

Investment:  By Koha or Love Offering. 

Koha is a New Zealand Māori custom which can be translated as gift, present, offering, donation or contribution.


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