Spiritual Business and Life Coaching

Is the fast track formula for gaining traction in life, growing your client base, making money and getting that fire in your belly going so you make a living doing what you love!

You’ve taken the first big leap, just by being here. So if you're ready to shine brighter then ever before – there’s no time like right. this. minute. 

We all need a little help sometimes, especially when it comes to journeys of transition, transformation, performance, business growth or self-discovery.


Whether your goal is to be more confident, gain more clients, find fulfillment in a passion project or simply learn to re-balance and enhance skills, it can be pretty tough to figure that out on your own.


What a qualified business, spiritual and life coach like me does differently is CONNECT YOU DEEPLY TO YOURSELF while integrating spiritual principles like meditation, intention, manifestation and visualisation – to compliment standard business and life coaching performance practices.


Because there is nothing standard about what I do.

My goal in our coaching sessions is to help you see yourself in a new way. Identify what you are offering the world, and surrender to those possibilities.

How does it work?

From one on one Business Coaching, Spiritual, or Life Coaching, through to valuable group classes, we have helped hundreds of people turn off, tune in…and take off. 


We work in 7-week cycles and in sprints, and so do our clients. 7 weeks is long enough to get something done, and not long enough to waste time. We narrow down what you need to get you started - quickly! We focus on one key area to change and we go all in on that area in those 7 weeks. It is full on, so come to see us only if you want massive change to happen. 


Our minds never stop – so learning to ‘stop thinking’ and ‘start being’ is key.

Turning off the pressures around us and being fully present with who you are and what you want, is where change occurs.




Here we start understanding what you have been blocking, fearing, ignoring – or what is holding you back at a physical, spiritual, mindset and energetic level. We then start the journey to heal, repair and replenish to live a passionate, profitable, courageous and confident life. We work on discovering what you were put here for, and engineer a way to bring it into creative life.



This is all you. Embody what it means to turn up at every level, with a purpose. The gifts we have identified in you take pride of place for the world to see. Believe in yourself by marketing, selling and leading with "you" in absolute confidence. It’s all about outcome and results. You and your talents deserve to be seen and heard – now it’s time to soak up that success.


Is Coaching Effective?


In a word - Yes! In fact, research has shown that nothing compares to it. Each aspect of the self-discovery process works together to maximise potential and improve skills – found to be more effective in enhancing performance and satisfaction than commonplace peer coaching. Another study found that professional coaching was more effective than peer coaching for enhancing engagement in the all-important process of goal commitment and goal attainment.


(Spence and Grant, 2007).  

Need more proof?

“Since working with Rachel my revenue has increased by 32%, which is huge - but the biggest increase is in my learning, growth and personal development. Rachel has challenged me to evaluate what is really important, to trust my intuition and to let go of the outcome.  Using her meditation techniques, breath work and healing I am more focused, present and energised. She is also one of the most beautiful people I have ever met.” Kelly Slessor - CEO

This is for anyone who wants to….


  • Fast-track your plans for a promotion

  • Create more meaning or make more money

  • Skyrocket professional and personal growth plans

  • Integrate high performance and mental health and wellness

  • Unleash the creative or entrepreneurial genie

  • Identify limiting beliefs, and stop holding back

  • Create financial prosperity and abundance

  • Obtain a sense of work/life balance

  • Start a new business or grow an existing one

  • Boosting business growth or pivoting your business

  • Manage an important life or business transition, goals or vision

"Meeting and doing sessions with Rachel has really opened new dimensions for me personally in terms of letting things go, forgiveness and a mindset of - if it's meant to be it will be. I have also come to know that I am authentically a powerful being…that everything starts and ends with me. This has made me a bigger and better person, and I am able to see life from a different perspective – one of love. It gives me peace, joy and contentment every time I practice this way of being and thinking." MG.

What is the investment?


We offer three options:


1.  One off sessions per hour.


2.  We offer a 7 week session. We pick one thing you want to work on and change in 7 weeks. We go all in and full on for 7 weeks.


3.  We do a 12 week program (3months). This is going full in and making massive change across many areas of of your life. We work on business, life and health in this timeframe.

The best way to determine which is the right one for you to do is to book one of our discovery calls and we can chat!  

What next after Coaching?


For those who continue on (and many do), we offer advanced level continuation programs.

After coaching you will be offered to enter our Enlightened Leaders Program.


Then after the Enlightened Leaders program you can join by invitation only our - Sacred Inner Circle Squad.

My results speak volumes, secure your spot now and book a discovery call below.

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