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You were born with a heart full of desire for so much more than following the crowd.  You were born with an innate desire to lead, not average leadership but phenomenal leadership along with the full on responsibilities of charting new waters and pioneering new lands that come with it.  

Maybe you’re still sitting in that cubicle and watching YouTube, catching up on what those leader crushes are doing with their businesses, teams or lives all the whilst imagining how free you’ll feel when you can finally live up to the potential that is stirring deep within you.


Or maybe you’ve already started leading, but right now it’s a whole lot of pushing, pulling, forcing, commanding and freaking out as you stare down that scary feast and famine cycle of inconsistent employee results and lack-lustre business dreams coming to life. This isn’t what you signed up for and nor do you know is it what you are capable of.

You can’t achieve your dreams if you don’t have the practical steps and someone who will work with you to make it happen. That is where I come in! In this program we focus on seven key areas.

Vision. Strategy. Creativity. Mindset. Heart. Communication. People.

Who is this for?

Imagine a sisterhood of badass thriving spiritual-leading women.  Learning, growing and leading together. When you join our Spiritual Leadership program, you’re joining a tight-knit community of ladies seriously up-leveling alongside each other, as you stretch past your limits and say “see ya” to doing it the hard way. You’ll even have the opportunity to meet these at one of our many Spiritual Leadership Retreats.


Want a sneak peak of just some of the modules?

Here they are....but let me warn you, words don't do the outcomes of these programs justice!

Leading from the Heart & Personifying Purpose and Presence

For those of us, who have worked with phenomenal leaders in the Military and Corporate know what it takes to work with leaders who command presence and essence. Find pragmatic solutions to situational and leadership dilemmas and clarify the next step you want to make in your professional future.

This is designed for those who wish to be more purposeful, who want more clarity under pressure and for leaders who are new to leading people.

Envisioning that Captures and Embodies Hearts and Minds

We know leaders who not only vision but then communicate that vision in ways that open hearts and souls for those they lead are the ones who can lead armies into battles and teams into the trenches in ways that feel heroic.


That is what this module is designed to do, creating, capturing and communicating visions that embody the heart, souls and minds of their teams, communities, churches or organisations.

Leading Agile, Adaptive and Active Teams and Organisations

We live in uncertain times and this module is all about how might we lead in a way that generates adaptivity along with the capacity to thrive in uncertain times.


This program in our leadership module is about pioneering ideas through the issues that are common to people and organisations in these uncertain times and formulating ideas and decisions that will have you mold and meld uncertainty and disruption into certainty.

It will also explore the leadership qualities of futurists, introducing new practices to develop a clearer understanding of how today’s rising levels of uncertainty and unfolding trends might lead to plausible, multiple possibilities that have real-time implications for strategy and innovation.


This capability will become a significant differentiator of success at many levels; personal, team, organisation, community and country.

Re-Imagining and Designing Future Organisations

Now is the time more than ever in reimagining the future places and spaces of workforces. Using Design Thinking (which I am trained extensively in delivering) and doing future scenario imagining and planning can reignite futures. We use ways of the modern working environment that combine research, creativity and curiosity to help organizations imagine, shape and prepare for alternative futures.  By looking at today's driving forces, we can anticipate and identify potential customer and community needs to imagine breakthrough ideas and possibilities beyond what is known from today.

These are all just a snippet of what we offer in our programs. 



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