This is all about helping you not just survive but:

Surrendering into that something greater.

If you feel you need something greater at a time when not a lot else is available and connection to the divine...

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You are on this page because you've been led here intuitively so keep following the magic!

On the outside you're this highly successful business person, mother, wife, lover and friend. 


On the inside it's a very different story.

Something is off, things feel stuck, you're not well (emotionally, physically, emotionally or mentally), your mind feels clouded over and life has started turning into a never ending cycle of ups and downs and it feels as if you're about to lose the lot.  Life is sliding downwards into lack of confidence, self-esteem, despair, anxiety, or even bordering on depression. 

The scariest part of it all? You're struggling to see a way out because everything you tried isn't working.  

The clients who come to see us have tried everything. They've gone from from trying to ignore it, to trying to working it off and out the gym, sleeping it off, changing jobs, pill popping, wine therapy, shop therapy, sisterhood sobbing, anxiety medicine, self-help gurus - you name it, but nothing seems to work or last. 


That is where we come in.

What we do is like nothing you've ever had, because I am unlike anyone you've ever met.

We work with the divine, reading and balancing the subtle energetic systems levels. We take time time to test, and tailor-make solutions for the individual at the spiritual and energetic field levels. 


What is it and how does it work? 


Working with thousands of years old ancient eastern texts and also from personal experience, there is an energy field or life force that encompasses the body and this energy field contains energy centers within the body consisting of wheels of light (chakras). These centres are sustained with prana (flow of energy) which is all connected via the nadis, meridians or nadis (channels).


When these channels or flow of life force is disrupted and becomes out flow for any reason (whether it be by thoughts, feelings, patterns, beliefs, emotions or any other causes), it causes diminished function in the organs, blood, bones and tissues - and that is when dis-ease enters into the body.

During a session anything could happen. It could be that we sit and talk about the divine or spiritual things. It could be some Spiritual Healing or Reiki. It could be some Reflexology or Hand Massage. Everyone is different and what each person feels like at that time. 

Who comes to these sessions?

We work with clients in various ways. For some it is teaching them how to start to connect into and heal the underlying causes at an energetic level. We give people the strategies, support, tools and most of all - Aroha (love) necessary to start on the journey to knowing the real spirit of who you are and getting that spirit of you that is healthy, abundant, wealthy, wisdom and powerful. 


For others who may be at the end of their life and for them it is helping them connect into that something divine and move into a peaceful transition. 


Because that is how we see you - as powerful human beings, desiring to live a fulfilled lives - whatever stage you are in that may be right for you.

We have helped people:

  • Clear confusion and find clarity

  • Find peace at the end of their lives

  • Reduce anxiety, stress and increase relaxation

  • Change unhealthy behaviours

  • Relieve pain, tension and fatigue

  • Promote free range of movement in the body

  • Promote emotional stability and resilience

  • Manage mental stress, anxiety and trauma, PTSD

  • Boost confidence and courage

  • Shift procrastination and rumination

  • Help release painful memories, without reliving them

  • Understand ancient energy techniques such as the Chakras etc.

  • Connect into their intuition and inner guidance systems

Who is this for?

Those who want to try something different. For those at the end of their lives. For those who have tried everything and this is another option. For those who are tired of the 'same ole' and want something different. It is is for people who are open to unlimited and unusual ways of working with holistic therapies, ancient spiritual practices and possibilities.  We ask that you come with an open mind and no expectations. If you are not open to new and interesting ways of looking at the different aspects of life, health, the world, your mind, body, spirit and energy then this is not for you. 

The Investment​:


The session is 60mins in length. The cost for a session is via Koha. Koha is a New Zealand Māori custom (my husband and son are Maori) which can be translated as gift, present, offering, donation or contribution. What I ask is that you tune into your intuition and gift what your inner spirit guides you to gift as that is who you need to answer to in the end.  If you decide to gift in money there is a little love button at the top of my website where you can gift there via credit card or I can send you our account details to direct debit. If you prefer to bring something as a gift whatever it is that is great too. If you are in a hospice or end of life situation don't worry about anything. FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION. 

​Need Proof?


“I don’t pretend to understand the mechanics of how Rachel does what she does, but what I do know is that her methods provide me with a clarity and focus that I haven’t got from other coaching and development opportunities. She seems to be able to focus on the areas of greatest need, both professionally and personally, some of which I may not have identified myself.

I would highly recommend her to others – as long as they are open to a different way of working than they may have experienced before.” Michelle Van Gaalen. Managing Director.


Oh, you can rest assured you are in good hands.




  • 200hr Yoga Practitioner and Breathwork Practitioner

  • Diploma of Reflexology

  • Certificate in Massage

  • Levels 1, 2 and 3 Reiki Practitioner

  • Sound Therapy Certificate

  • Qualified Spiritual Healer Certificate

  • Qualified Pranic Healing Certificate

  • Qualified Magnetic Healer Certificate

  • Qualified Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner (NLP) Certificate

  • Qualified Meditation Practitioner

  • Chakra Training (through an Indian expert)

  • Spiritual Development Program Certificate (Think the Law of Attraction)

  • ​Many business qualifications (too many to list)

Other Healing Services

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