As your one-to-one Spiritual Coach this is all about the fast track formula for gaining traction in business and life, transforming and trailblazing energetically from the inside out! Because the  most potent rocket fuel imaginable for going bigger in your life and business is YOU!



Spiritual Coach. Rachel Wotten.


I have been where you are!  You're big-hearted that not many people understand, who wants to feel clarity, purpose, direction and momentum at a whole other level but you want to do it on your terms - authentically and uniquely.  You are craving deep, wholesome, energetic shifts and change.

You are trying to find your purpose, awaken happiness and want to take your life or business to a whole other level and you want to do it in a way that feels strategic and growth-oriented, whilst also being confident, gentle and heart-felt. 


You want to experience life like the adventure and freedom that it's meant to be.


You want to unlock self-sabotaging and self-limiting behaviors and find new ways of being, doing and operating.


You want tap into the health or money habits that you see others seem to be able to have - heck why not! Universal flow, prosperity, healing and abundance is waiting for you to claim it! 



Well let me tell you - YOU CAN! 


And it isn’t about finding a four leaf clover, inheriting a business, marrying rich or winning the lottery either.


Even more surprising? Having the thoughts that you'll just "work harder" is no guarantee that you’ll wind up wealthier or healthier either.


In fact, most people miss out on all the love, health, money and success that’s available to them because they aren’t putting in the work where it actually matters...on harnessing and honing into their spiritual and intuitive superpower which is ready and waiting to guide and govern them to unsurpassed meaning in life, health, happiness, physical and material riches!

That is right! True wealth, health, and love starts from within. It’s built by intuitively and confidently trusting YOU, belief by belief and action by action, each one moving the needle closer and closer to your dreams when you listen to that hunch, that spidey sense and that gut instinct.


If your life is calibrated towards outer rather than the inner, you’re always going to be living with less than you deserve - and you know it. 

Working on cultivating this inner spiritual power is the BEST thing you could possibly do for yourself. #honestly AND when you do, the outer results will not only follow suit, but will ASTOUND YOU.

So, make no mistake about it — ALL OF US have this spiritual super power. The power to upgrade our computers, software and operating system. The power to tap into our intuition. The power to shift our compass. The power to upgrade our computers. The power to script out our future, and the power to take our own internal supercomputer into new summits! AND I AM HERE TO HELP YOU AWAKEN IT, ACTION IT AND OWN IT!


It is time to SPEAK UP, SHOW UP and SHINE!

That’s why my Spiritual Coaching program gets booked out quickly. Because when you’re standing at the edge of a full system upgrade, it’s gonna take a whole lot of assistance in running that antivirus so that you stay under guidance, support and structure to keep you moving into full computer intuitive super-power. That’s what’s waiting for you under the hood of this program.

My Spiritual Coaching program is very unique, results and outcome focused and is one-to-one tailored and personalised goodness.

What makes me different?

The difference with me is not just spiritual solutions but also practical strategy which is my background - but also DEEP energetic spiritual and holistic work that I feel passionately called to share with you at a soul transformation level. 

I work with root causes instead of treating symptoms. Do you want to consciously create? Do you want to own your power? Do you desire confidence, growth, progress, abundance, love, personal power and deep satisfaction from your life? The growth that is accomplished when working with me includes connection to the divine, working with the universe, taking control of your happiness, stepping into your power, shifting your subconscious, and much much more.

Who is this for?

  • It’s for the changemakers of this world who are driven by the fire in their bellies to impact the world in a bigger and more meaningful way

  • It’s for the intuitive souls who know that the answer to living in true, limitless abundance starts and finishes within them, who desire to uncover the secrets to let this energy flow freely

  • Executives wanting to delve deeper into the legacy they want to leave

  • Individuals ready to take responsibility for themselves and for their lives

  • Those wanting a profitable business or career that centers around purpose and passion

  • People seeking a loving soulmate relationship with a mature, passionate, supportive partner

  • People focusing on radiating a vibrant health and an attractive body that they LOVE living in

  • Those desiring a lifestyle that they would love waking up to in the morning

  • Or anything else that they have  been struggling for years to make real

During the program we......

  • Figure out what deep rooted beliefs have been holding you back.

  • Lead you through a clear process for setting fun goals - backed with potent energy + desire and actually achieving them. It’s gonna get all human design-y and manifest-y here!

  • Release energy blocks and self sabotaging systems that keep you feeling stuck in the mud.

  • Find the intersecting crossroads between meaning, purpose, clarity, spirituality and practicality.

  • Ditch the outdated rules & strategies that are keeping you confined in a soul-crushing box when it comes to the ways to grow, scale & express yourself as a leader, in your career or business.

  • Connect you into that place where you receive heightened intuition.

  • Communicate at soul and heart levels where you become a mover and shaker.

  • Access your financial, abundance and manifesting blueprints.

  • Supercharge your journey with spiritual insights, messages and signposts.

  • Establish harmony in mind, body and spirit for optimal success.

  • Embody courageous conviction so you become more self-reliant and self-confident.

  • Create a life worth jumping out of bed for, from the unlimited source of all that is deep within you.

  • Delve into this life and past life blocks to realise your true potential.

  • Teach you (from my own experiences) in writing that book, whitepaper, e-book or website.

  • Create packages, services, and spiritually aligned money making activities that supercharge your business, bank balance and life.

  • Manage your mindset, so that we align and  act those deeply held dreams, goals and desires.

  • Unlock those spiritual secrets only reserved for those 1:1 clients.

What others say

“Since working with Rachel my revenue has increased by 32%, which is huge - but the biggest increase is in my learning, growth and personal development. Rachel has challenged me to evaluate what is really important, to trust my intuition and to let go of the outcome.  Using her meditation techniques, breath work and healing I am more focused, present and energised. She is also one of the most beautiful people I have ever met.” Kelly Slessor - CEO

See more testimonials on my client love page.

Program Details:

My 1:1 coaching program is totally personalised and tailored to you. The program runs for six months and includes:


This questionnaire is designed to help you get crystal clear on your intentions and areas of focus for our work together. I’ll send this to you prior to our first session.


This is where we hone in on your intentions and outcomes. In this session I tune-in to spiritual guidance to support your goals and dreams. It’s a powerhouse of goal setting + intuitive guidance to guide the flow of our program ahead.


We connect every month by Zoom for our 1:1 sessions. We’ll create inner transformation and outer shifts. Each session will include a combination of intuitive coaching, training, spiritual guidance and energy alignment. I share guidance, insights or messages received from your Spiritual Soul team. Your goals + intentions, and your soul coaching framework will anchor each session.


We catch up for 30 minute integration session, which provides an opportunity for you to receive additional support or guidance, and to discover spiritual guidance for moving forward in between the 90min sessions.


Choosing any of the healing sessions listed on my website under the menu Spiritual Coach, you can choose any of those sessions. Note, the exceptions are those that need to be done (for example Reflexology) in person unless you live locally near me here in Auckland. 


Inspired by my Agile Coaching certification, we do quick 15minute stand ups each week as a check in for any further support, lift up and spiritual guidance.


Our Nous Mystery School is the inside and insight into the secrets and mysteries of the self, present and past spiritual sources. It is the crown jewels and YOU special one get FULL access to it as part of one of my special Coachees.


We love connecting and interviewing those bosses, peers, friends or family that give us deeper insights into what's stopping, blocking, holding you back or hindering your success.


We do a deep dive into the subtle aspects of you do a personality test that uncovers the hidden aspects of your strengths and weaknesses. To know thyself at all levels.



After our intention setting session, I’ll download the soul plan for your mentoring program, including an overview of the main themes, issues, opportunities and gifts to unfold. This framework serves as the map to guide us on our journey together.


After each session you will receive notes of your session, including spiritual guidance, received + recommended program activities/notes/practices/actions between sessions into a dropbox folder.


You will have access to email support during your program. This is especially useful between sessions for sharing key insights, big wins, or asking questions and checking in on major in-the-moment decisions.



I love surprising you with gifts! Like free access to our Mystery School, meditation series, breathwork, and a beautiful package of soulful goodness I handpick just for you that will arrive on your doorstep during our program.


Your program fee can be booked and paid for in two ways.

The 1:1 coaching program fee is $4995.00. HOWEVER, if you pay in full there is a discount for upfront payment.


If you pay in full at the beginning you receive it at $4595.00 NZD.

Or the second option is via monthly instalments over the six months of your program which is $832.50 per month for six months which is $4995.00 NZD. The payments are paid in advance of the month.

You receive transformational coaching + alignment sessions, a spiritual coaching outcomes framework, and a post-program map to guide you, plus a pre-program questionnaire, email support for the duration of our work together, and soulful goodies I handpick just for you.