Rachel Wotten.

You've taken the first big leap in being here so if you're ready to shine brighter than ever before - then there's no time like right. this. minute.

We all need a little help sometimes, especially when it comes to figuring out who we are, how to change any outgrown habits or behaviors, how to find out what we were put here for and confidently do it, how to increase our business profit or even find our way into or out of something - and it can be pretty tough to figure that out on our own looking from the inside out.

That is where I come in. What I do is like nothing you've ever had, because I am unlike anyone you've ever met.  ​ What I do is not standard, because there is nothing standard about what I do or who I am.  From my military days spent developing discipline to becoming a top 1% sales person in New Zealand; from interviewing 50 of the world’s most successful people on the role intuition plays in their accomplishments, to being the secret weapon behind countless Fortune Technology 100 companies; from studying the metaphysics of energy and spirituality, to leading high performance workshops around the globe; along with being a spiritual strategist, I’ve always made it a point to push the boundaries of human potential - from the inside out.


Now as a Spiritual Coach, I’m here to help you do the same.

Together we’ll dive deep and rise high as we explore the final frontier of the greatness within you, so you can awaken to the deep power that’s always been coursing through your veins.

Ways to work with me.



Group or Individual.


Healing Your Soul.


Manifesting Abundance.


Intuitive Intelligence.




​Feel like you’re lost in the dark, and you don’t know which direction to head? Need a change, but you’re not sure what it is? Craving ways to make a major contribution and serve at a higher level? If you are looking to double your income, start a side hustle, or get your passion off the ground — and do it in a way that’s truly aligned with who you are? Get the guidance, tools and tactics you need to make it happen, faster.

This program is all about being and becoming a phenomenal leader.  Not an average leader, a PHENONEMAL one. Here we work with Leaders in Spiritual Organisations that want to learn, embody and encompass a holistic way of leading their teams, subordinates, superiors and boards. ​

Want time out to calm and quieten the mind; tap into those higher and more subtle levels of energetic communion with the divine, tap into your intuition, restore flow, balance the chakras, breath to boost equilibrium or regain harmony to feel more grounded or energetic? Then this is for you!

If you've tried many abundance, manifesting or prosperity techniques and not much has worked then you need to try this one! Super different as we focus on bringing synchrony into your head, heart and soul.

“Intuitive Intelligence” is a clear look into the intersection between insight and intellect. Drawing from more than 50 interviews with CEOs, CIOs, Founders, and Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs, this book shows us that the key to success starts within us.