Spiritual Advisor.

When I left the IT and Tech Corporate world as one of the top  executives and decided to move down the spiritual path as a calling; I wanted to ensure it wasn't too far one way of being airy fairy woo woo, nor too far the other way of being shove down your throat religious.
The reality is, people don't want woo woo nor have religion shoved down their throat and everyone knows, that is not me.
 The people I work with in a spiritual advisory capacity need someone who will listen and not judge, be a confidential guide, hel them connect to their inner guidance and provide professional, grounded and uplifting, wisdom or advice during the many phases of their lives. 
That is what I provide. Want to learn more?
Rachel Wotten. Spiritual Advisor. Coach. Manifester.

I've been where you are at. You maybe questioning why you are here and what life is all about. Your questioning whether there has to be something more. Not that material more, but that spiritual "more".  That something greater or more magnificent and you're keen to understand how to connect in more deeply with that "magnus essence".


I've also felt what you've maybe felt. It's lonely at the top and during certain times in your life and you'd like to chat with somone who is objective, empowering and yet has been where you are and felt simliar things to what you have and understand you at a way deeper level.

You're looking for someone, who can understand things not only at a business level but also at a spiritual level. Well, if you have come across me and this page, then I believe that is a sign and maybe we should chat a that is where I operate - at that intersection.


But, before then, here is a little more about my spiritual studies, background and what I believe.

I believe as a spiritual advisor my purpose is not to tell you what to do, make judgments of you, or decide for you. It is really about facilitating you to follow your own heart, intuition and inner calling. 


I believe in meeting you where you are at, not where I am at. If that means you don't want me to mention various words, that is all good!  I am here to meet you where you feel the most comfortable in being curious or delve deeper into spirituality.

I believe in something greater. Call it what you will, but there is an essence, an energy, the universe, an intelligence, a source of something so great, and so magical that is both within and outside of us all. 


I believe, that the clearer we become in our hearts while trusting in our own magnificent innate power and intuitive intelligence; and turn toward this essence, to choose or create from it, the more powerful we become.

I believe that we can all access this super intelligence (call it what you will), with honesty, authenticity and curiosity - if we open out hearts, minds and souls - just enough to awaken it.


AND I believe we can ALL do it and when we do, boy or boy, we transform beyond comprehension. How do I know? The clients I work with are the testimonials.

So now you say, okay, I am keen to progress further, what credentials do you have?

I have been interested in spirituality across all forms of philosophies and religions for as long as I can remember and three years ago I decided to embark on becoming a Metaphysics Minister.


The program I chose is an intensive seven year program which composes of two years in a spiritual development program, two years in a Spiritual Leadership and a Licensed Teaching Training Program and a further three years in Ministry Training.  I am nearly finished my Licensed Teacher Training and on top of that I am a Spiritual Leader at our local Spiritual Centre here in Auckland New Zealand.

The organisation I am studing with is at this link and works with the philosophy that we are not here to convert anyone, we are here to help you become even better than you are in discovering this something greater. If you are a strict Catholic, great, let us work together so you become an even better Catholic. If you are a Muslim - great! Let us work together to help you become an even better Muslim. If you are an athesist. Great! Let us work together to become an even greater one. Whatever it is, again, I meet you where you are at and explore the truth and metaphysical principles behind everthing we experience in life. 


Eric Butterworth sums it up beautifully as he says:


"It is more of a self-development program that supplements other church commitments, positions or gives support to people and their freedom to have none.”

Now you ask, how does it work?

So that we get this part out of the way, you maybe asking by now, how much does this cost?


Everything we do together with Spiritual Advisory is via a love offering basis, whatever you feel you wish to give must be given from your heart with love. I ask you to decide with your own inner feeling of what you wish to give.


However, before we get to that point, let's have a chat to see if how our dynamics work together and then after that we take it from there. Book in a discovery call below.