We all need some time to stop the mind thinking. That is what these sessions will give you.
A brain break, a mind rest and your whole body reaps the benefits!


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I have been where you are! Your mind never stops, it is continuously racing, thinking and worrying! 

You want things to be different, TIME TO REST THE MIND, take the mind to a whole other level and you want to do it in a way that feels calming yet gentle and heart-felt so that you start to experience life like the adventure and freedom that it's meant to be.


You want to unlock self-sabotaging and self-limiting behaviors and find new ways of being, doing and operating.


You want tap into peace of mind. 


Well let me tell you - YOU CAN! 

Even more surprising it doesn't have to 'be hard'.


In fact, most people miss out on all the love, health, money and success that’s available to them because they aren’t putting in the work where it actually matters...on harnessing and honing into their spiritual and intuitive superpower which opens up in the genie bottle when the mind is calm.

If your life is calibrated towards outer rather than the inner, you’re always going to be living with less than you deserve - and you know it. 

Working on cultivating this inner spiritual power is the BEST thing you could possibly do for yourself. #honestly AND when you do, the outer results will not only follow suit, but will ASTOUND YOU.

So, make no mistake about it — ALL OF US have this spiritual super power. The power to upgrade our computers, software and operating system. The power to tap into our intuition. The power to shift our compass. The power to upgrade our computers. 

REIKI can  help with awakening that superpower, spidey sense and intuition.

That’s why my Spiritual Coaching program gets booked quickly. Because when you’re standing at the edge of a full system upgrade, it’s gonna take a whole lot of assistance in running that antivirus so that you stay under guidance, support and structure to keep you moving into full computer intuitive super-power. That’s what’s waiting for you under the hood of this program.

My Spiritual Coaching program is very unique, results and outcome focused and is one-to-one tailored and personalised goodness.

Are you ready? Is this for you? Then don't hesitate - BOOK a session with me as a qualified level 3, internationally trained, teacher trainer Reiki practitioner.

Point to note: 

Reiki practitioners do not diagnose or tell you about any congestion or tension they observe during a session that may suggest abnormalities. One of the theories of reiki is that the body will nurture and repair itself once released from stress. If the body is extremely stressed, the reiki practitioner may refer you to a medical team or another treatment, if appropriate, but at no time will give medical advice or diagnosis.


Sessions are 1 hour in length in person and the cost is $95.00 NZD.


NOTE - we concentrate on the science of Reiki in these sessions, if you want any readings in your healing, do not book this session book the Spiritual Healing. Readings do not come in these sessions as Reiki is an art in and of itself so we focus wholly and solely on Reiki.