Spiritual Loneliness.

Filling your Spiritual Abyss.

Like a lot of people, I adored Mother Teresa. What I loved the most about her was that she was prepared to go where others dared not to tread in compassionately treating those with leprosy and she spoke about the biggest disease of all which is loneliness.

Although I have treated a lot of people with various types of loneliness, it wasn’t until recently that I experienced spiritual loneliness. You see, spiritual loneliness isn’t like physical loneliness and there is a big difference.

Physical loneliness can be attended to by finding that which you love and that surrounding yourself with those people, places, things or activities that fill that and when it is physical loneliness you will feel it is filled.

With spiritual loneliness, nothing on the outer can fill that inner spiritual abyss. You can have all the friends, family and love in the world but until you dare to delve deep into your inner world and enter that chasm - then know it cannot be filled by the outer.

So, what is the answer?

From my own experience I have found there are two solutions as I believe spiritual loneliness calls you to understand that greater something within that spiritual abyss and to explore that you need to deeply understand, feel and experience both solitude and grace.

Firstly, lets briefly explore solitude. Solitude to me is exploring those uninhabited places within our soul and psyche where we dare to tread. Mother Teresa did it on the outer, our aim is to understand it in the inner. The incredible poet Kahil Gibran sums it up when he says:

Solitude is the ally of sorrow as well as a companion of spiritual exaltation. Kahil Gibran.

The second is grace. The word grace stems from the old latin word gratia and from gratus which means ‘pleasing, thankful’. Being thankful means being aware and it also means being thankful for everything in every moment of your waking life. Can you honestly say in this very moment and in every moment of every day that you are thankful for EVERY. SINGLE. THING?

The incredible mystic Meister Eckhart sums this up when he says:

“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough”. Meister Eckhart.

You know, it is easier said than done the above – right? To sit with your own thoughts, to delve into the dark and light within and to be fully aware, thankful and full of grace in every.single.moment?

This is the stuff mystics and mother Teresa thrived on and I too have found glimpses of this magnificent, surreal and sometimes scary abyss, but with Mother Teresa’s inspiration I shall continue to go where others fear to tread and dive into the spiritual loneliness with anticipated spiritual longing and replace it with spiritual sustenance.

My question to you is, where do you fear to tread, and will you enter that place?

Until next time and always remember, the spirit in ONE is the spirit in ALL.

Love, light and blessings. R x

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