The Power of Changing your Destiny with Commitment.

When I was at Hewlett Packard and in the middle of a massive sales deal which in those arenas is called a “Big Whale” my boss at the time Colin Henderson (who I still respect and adore) asked me to commit it fully into the system. I would tell him at that particular moment that I wouldn’t do it – why not?

In coming to the answer, I had to go back to the first time when I made a “full commitment” which was when I joined the Army. In joining the Army, I had decided that I would die for my country if necessary, in going to war – that sums up commitment.

So why wasn’t I committing at that moment, I asked myself? The answer is very simple. It was because the reality was that I wasn’t willing to lay my life down for it – have a do or die attitude and win it at any cost and go down dying for it. In other words, my attitude and energy around it in that moment was one of being “uncommitted” as I wasn’t willing to do whatever it took with a courageous heart and mind to win it.

That is how destiny’s change. You see, when you walk around uncommitted the energy of you – which I believe is made up of emotions, intentions, thoughts and behaviours, radiates as “blasé” from you.

When you commit, the energy of you changes instantly to one of fierceness, one of courage and one of being UNSTOPPABLE.

It doesn’t mean you wont encounter opposition or setbacks, no siree. Nor does it mean you can’t detach from it (there is an art to detachment and commitment which I can share in another post one day). It means you are all in to “this or something better and to a destiny to be shaped by that commitment to it”.

Here is also the thing, what I know for certain is that in working with many people over the past three years in coaching and training, those who are committed change radically, those who do not lay littered by the roadside of mediocrity. I have seen and experienced it first-hand. It reminds me of this quote:

“Are you in earnest? Seize this very minute:

What you can do, or dream you can, begin it;

Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.

Only engage and then the mind grows heated;

Begin and then the work will be completed.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Now to finish up.

If you are not on the destiny path you really want to be on or you are not as successful as you really want to be, your first stop is checking your level of commitment to it.

As for me, you maybe asking, what happened to that big whale of a deal? Well right after that conversation with Colin and my reflecting, I committed to that deal. It took time, but we won it. There were many other bigger players that should have won it, but they did not – why, because they hadn’t encountered the force of being fully committed and a “do or die” attitude.

That my friends is the real key to success and the power of changing your destiny with commitment.

Until next time.

Love, light and blessings.

Rachel x I help people play a big and bold life, manifesting, courage, magic and miracles along the way!

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