The Myth of Scarcity

Just before lock-down our son comes home from school and says “Mum, if I don’t finish school, I will end up homeless”. I looked at him (trying to contain my emotions) and said, “where did that come from honey”? He then said a teacher at school.

Although most of you may think this is a good thing as it would keep him at school, to me in that one sentence right there, it highlights how the foundations of scarcity that have been planted in all of us at such a young age and how fundamentally flawed that argument is. Let me (try) explain this as simply as possible.

In that sentence, what that teacher is basically saying (words unspoken):

  • You’re not good enough if you don’t finish school

  • There’s a ranking system in place where those who do well in school excel and those who do not don’t and then if you don’t, it’s off to the streets for you

  • You need to place your faith in an outer education system rather than an internal guidance system

  • Academia supersedes creativity

  • I shall motivate you by fear rather than with inspiration as this is what I believe

You see instead of that teacher inspiring him in other ways to stay at school, they have led him down the path with two fundamental flaws that society and scarcity has been built upon. Fear and not enough. To dive into that a bit more, let’s start with not enough.

Not enough stems and expands into not good enough and starts in our childhood based on systems and beliefs. 

Our educations systems today and when I went through school are built upon this imaginary triangle that rules the beliefs, behaviours and paradigms of our teachers and children. The triangle looks like this.

If you are at the top pointy end of the triangle you are in the top five percent, you are the best. Now I said the best, still not enough as there is never an end to enough, but the best. I can attest that I have seem many people who were in that top five percent who still don’t feel “enough”.

If you are anything in the bottom and especially at the bottom fat edge of the triangle, you are seen as “not enough” or expanded upon, “not good enough”.

Now, as what most parents did (not mine) or what we now as parents do, is we push our kids to “get good grades”. This buys into the mindset of the imaginary triangle model all whilst this underlying “not good enough” syndrome flourishes under an ever expanding list of expectations placed on our children when they don’t seem to fit into the top five percent.  To add to the above, “not good enough” starts to seep out into the playground. They see their friend in the latest Nike sneakers and the shoes they are wearing (or lack of them) - all of a sudden it adds to the already building, don’t feel good enough syndrome. Those shoes were good enough before they saw the Nike sneakers, but now all of a sudden, they are not enough and start to feel “less than”.

This continues on and on and on throughout every aspect from lunch orders through to friend tribes (both online and the clicky groups at school) through to birthday parties they get to attend or not attend.

This then perpetuates into every other aspect of their life and continues on as they grow into adults aka us and it radiates from every aspect of who we are, our energy fields, our attitudes and behaviours. I could go on and on about this, but this is just one aspect of trying to explain the (not) good-enough energy field. Now onto fear.

Now, how to keep this short, sweet and simple as like good enough, this could be 1000 articles because the fear out there is enormous but here goes. The minute we fear (anything) we have automatically separated from our essential inner source of knowledge. We have placed our power outside of ourselves thinking that the outer has more power over us than the inner. When that happens, our solar plexus chakra which is our centre and in our belly where intuition and wisdom sit, is depleted and we automatically become unbalanced and out of life’s flow AND scarcity ensnares us into her trap because we have bought into the outer rather than the inner creative force that is within us all.

With all of this happening, we wonder why, by the time we get to adulthood that we are walking around with neurosis and self-sabotaging behaviours that inflict us at various levels and wonder why we can’t manifest or make magic instantaneously!!!

So, what is the answer you maybe asking by now?

Other than a massive overhaul of our education system (which you and I know isn’t going to happen anytime soon), we need to dismantle that invisible triangle structure and start to enroll both our children and ourselves into the I AM ENOUGH ACADEMY.

I am not saying we don’t reward kids, what I am saying is that we need to balance out the unbalanced system. This will ensure scarcity surrenders into abundance which is our natural state. Abundance is the “more than enough” mindset.

We all need to be reminded that we are MORE than good enough and that those that don’t suit the academic model and have greater creative abilities which are to be nurtured, cherished and awakened.  That way those who “seem” to sit in the more academic part of the current archaic education system (ie at the top of the invisible triangle education system), will also feel enough later on in life when they are not being praised for being at the top of that academic triangle. This will balance out the outer academic to the inner creative aspects of our psyche AND to remember academia DOES NOT supersede creativity - Leonardo da Vinci teaches us that.

We need to be reminded that within each of us there is this incredible force, this intelligence that is there ready to be awakened, understood and be heard and KNOW that once it is listened to internally, we can become anything we like, our own unique, authentic version of our own Frederick RoyceAmado Gianiai or a Mozart master.

We need to remind ourselves and appreciate what is good in our lives and world because when we do, focus, praise and appreciate the good, more good comes. This one reminds me of the quote by Eckhart Tolle “Acknowledging the good you already have in your life is the foundation of all abundance”.

Finally, and most importantly we need to STOP buying into, ruling with and contributing to, the fear and the not good enough syndromes that perpetuate our society and deny their power over us. Then we are to start to focus on our inner world in changing our patterns, beliefs and mindsets and from there the outer will change.

These are only a few ideas I could go on and on, but to finish up, you maybe asking now, what did I get our son to go back to his teacher with? Although I wasn’t happy - nothing at this point as I don't know which teacher it was and it’s not their fault they have embodied and drunk the “scarcity and fear” coolaid.

So, on scarcity, remember, the myth of scarcity is just that, a myth. We are not scarce. We are abundant beyond our wildest dreams and we have MORE than enough - it is just waiting for us to notice it and awaken it.

Until next week. Rachel x PS, my Intuitive Coaching for 2020 is nearly sold out! Inquire now if you’d love to transform both within and without.  You can check it out here.

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