The Finality of Unforgiveness

I was given permission to tell this story but like all my stories I have not mentioned the names or places of where this happened to protect that person’s identity. The key is, the message, not the person which is what they wanted conveyed.

Many years ago, I was asked to go and sit with someone who was terminally ill with breast cancer and help her with her transitioning as she was in a pretty bad state emotionally.

When I walked into her room, I saw the Angel of death standing at her right shoulder, so I knew she had about 24-48hrs left. You see, the stronger I see the Angel of death the closer the time is that they are about to pass over, and the weaker, the more time they have left.

I sat down and being qualified in Massage and Reflexology, I asked her if she would like a hand massage while I was talking to her about death and life in general.

As I bent down to grab the cream out of my bag, when I looked back up (and at the same time starting to massage her hands), I saw this monkey sitting on her shoulder and I said to her “I get the feeling you’ve been carrying a monkey on your back and it hasn’t helped with your breast cancer, who is it?”

She started crying and then said began to tell me her life story. She said that it all came back to her daughter in law, and that she hated her and hadn’t forgiven her son for marrying her. She said she always felt that she was never good enough for her son. She also then went onto say that she knew beyond a doubt that the hatred and unforgiveness she felt towards her and her son was what had contributed to her breast cancer and her being near death.

You see, that is just one of the many stories like it that I can share about the finality of unforgiveness. From my experience, I believe more than anything that: "Unforgiveness is a cancer and forgiveness is its cure". Unforgiveness by its very nature has the ability to destroy at so many levels and its finality if not dealt with can unfortunately disturb a soul and in this case also mean death.

All that I have seen over the years, whether it be about health illnesses, money blocks, or relationship issues, it all stem back in some form to unforgiveness. If there was one piece of advice, I could give anyone, it would be this:

If you are experiencing a block in any area of your life, don’t ask: how do I fix it, ask instead: how do I forgive it/me/them? That is the way out into harmony within the soul and health within the mind, body and all your abundance and affairs. I am not saying it is easy, no siree, it takes strength, inner strength.

It reminds me of this quote: “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” - Mahatma Gandhi.

Now to the end, as for this beautiful lady, what happened? In the end, together we worked through some of those feelings of unforgiveness and we ended up getting her to as close of a place of peace before her passing (which was within 24hrs) as we could.

As a side note, when this happened I was working at a massive tech company and had just gone through one of those massive psych tests so no, I wasn’t going crazy, it is having the ability to see the unseen to help those who need help at times they need it.

Finally, as for you all, please, please, please, forgive while you can, that which needs forgiving.

Until next time.

Love, light and blessings.

Rachel x Ps, I am running a Forgiveness series in August, see this link if you'd like to join!

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