The Biggest Thief in your Business and in your Life.

Updated: Jun 20

A few weeks ago, a business friend called to catch up and during our discussion he was mentioning to me the amount of stationery they go through in their office because people are taking home the pens, pencils and notebooks etc.

I looked at him and said, “the level of consciousness of the leadership team is in direct correlation to the level of behaviour of the employee. Raise your level of consciousness and so too will the level of your those whom you serve and lead rise”.

What?!!! He said, (looking at me incredulously) are you saying I am a thief. I said to him, “you arrived 7mins late to our meeting – you stole 7mins of my time that I will never get back. Time is the only thing I can never replace.”

Now tell me, what do you think?

After some quiet space, he looked at me and said “I just had the biggest awakening I have had in a long time – thank you he said”. I put my hands to my chest and then said “namaste”. We then went on to discuss the how, in raising a level of consciousness. Since that catch up, he hasn’t been late since and guess what – the stationary orders have levelled out.

Time is the biggest thief in your daily office. You all know what I mean; those times when you sit in a meeting for one hour and listen to nonsense for that time, or people pull you up saying “can I have a minute of your time – which turns into 20mins and then you realise you’ve been sucked down the black hole of victim consciousness” or many other examples and here is the kicker.

We never, ever get back time. We can buy more stationary but not time and when you allow it to be a thief you are participating in a below the line level of consciousness at all levels across many paradigms in the office.

Whenever things are happening in your life that maybe things you don’t like happening, it comes back to an error in consciousness.

Your level of consciousness is in direct correlation to what you see around you. This has been proven by so many before me, but I see it so clearly everyday in my office with clients and friends. Change your consciousness and your outer will change.

So, next time you are ordering “another 100 pens that are flying out the door”, ask the question "what am I doing in my life that has affected this outcome"? Then, non-judgmentally and non-critically, take a look in the mirror at what you are maybe seeing, stealing, sensing or serving in the office and in your world. From there, magic happens!

Blessings love and light as always.

Rachel x

Helping you play BIG in the game of life.

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