The one practice that transformed me from an average to an exceptionally high performer in corporate

Updated: Jun 20

This idea was inspired by my gorgeous friend Prasanna Gulasekharam who I worked with at IBM and who later became a good friend. I don’t even know if he knows how he inspired me in this, but here is to you beautiful PG!

When I was at IBM, Prasanna was one of those people who I looked up to as being “beyond incredible” and one day when I was leaving, he told me part of his story. It made me understand at a deeper level of how he operated. You can read more about Prasanna in my book “Intuitive Intelligence” but one part of this story was that Prasanna was a CEO and already a Leader at a very young age.  

I left IBM, had a baby and then a few years later went and worked at Hewlett Packard (both HP and HPE). I can honestly say at IBM I was an average performer, mainly because I feel I had not “matured”.

When I got to HP, I decided I wanted to up my game in a big way and reflecting back on those I admired, Prasanna jumped into my mind and I asked myself this question “what if I viewed the lens of how I perform as a sales person and my sales business through the eyes of a CEO - regardless of my position”?

At that moment, I decided that to be able to start to implent that practice, I would block out one morning as week for an hour which I decided to call “My CEO Centered Power Hour”.

Every Friday morning I would find a café somewhere near Hewlett Packard (HP and HPE as I worked in both) here in Auckland, and sit there for an hour and put the spotlight onto my sales business in exactly the same way that a CEO would do onto their business.

I would go through everything a CEO would do for a business which included my own Performance Review, Internal and External Stakeholder Review (all the divisions in HP that I was interacting with plus external customers/clients and partners), Teams and processes (how things were working with any sales or services deals), Strategy (my own vision, mission and values), Financials (where my numbers were at), Processes and Structure, Sales and Marketing (where certain deals were at and what levels of sales stages or marketing stages they were in), Operations and my alignment in conjunction with all of those listed above. This is just to name a few of the things I did. Then I would amend that which was out of whack for the week ahead.

I never told anyone what I was doing (including my boss at the time Colin Henderson – I just put it in my calendar as "admin time - intial CCPH" and snuck out. It was my own personal business ritual and outside of my intuition, this one practice alone changed my performance level from average to exceptionally high performance. It also changed my mindset and EQ (emotional intelligence).

Not only did it change my performance at the Sales level, it also gave me more emotional intelligence in the sense of being a lot more compassionate in my view to our CEO at the time who was Meg Whitman. I could start to see the world and the business through her eyes. It was the one thing that changed me on so many levels.

Now when I use this in my business and teach it to my clients, they always ask me, didn’t you want to be the CEO of a corporate? The answer is and was always no. Not because of what I knew they did but more because I had other plans that were calling out within me. However, what I do tell them is that it is still something that I practice to this day.

So, if you feel like you need to up your game, your EQ and your mindset, why not give this a try.

As for Prasanna – I still adore him, his personality, his leadership, and his humility. Thank you, gorgeous P. You are and still continue to inspire me to no end.

Until next time.

Love, light and blessings.

Rachel x

In December this year, this will be one of four different practices included in the "Embodying" series of my classes which will incorporate this as a practice you can take into 2021. You can check it out here:

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