Starting fresh after failure.

Do you believe that there is such a thing as failure? Or do you feel like you’ve failed when something doesn’t succeed?

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So why do we experience these feelings of failure? Are they necessary and more importantly how do change those perspectives when we start to find ourselves immersed in them and start fresh?

Let’s start to work through some of those questions firstly by understanding what failure is and if it is necessary.

When we look up the dictionary on what failure is, it is classed as absence or lack of success. So how do we define success? Success as a noun is defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

Now we know the definitions, how many of us have ever really sat down every time we do something to define what success means in any given situation? How many of us have defined what success in in work, relationships, health, love or in life actually means?

So, if we don’t ever define what success looks like and means to us, why do we think we’ve failed if things haven’t worked out the way we feel they should have?

Therein lies the answer to the question of starting fresh and that is in our power to right now, define what success means to our souls, our hearts and our lives and live by that code or credo.

You see, I don’t see failure as failure, I see failure as redefining and reimagining. Redefining and reimagining that particular project, idea, my life, my relationships, my work, my career or my future. That to me is starting fresh. Reimagining the way I want things to be, not how they are. That is how I start fresh.

So next time you feel like things are failing, redefine and reimagine what success means to you. Redefine and reimagine your life, your world and even the word failure in itself. That to me is success and a fresh start right there.

Until next time and remember, the spirit in one is the spirit in all.

Love, light and blessings. R x

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