Radical Change Requires This One Trait

This past week, although I have had a cold, I decided to go back over all my coaching clients one by one to see how well each one has done and do the comparisons of what made those who did well different to those who didn’t do so well.

In assembling and interpreting the data, one thing stood out more than anything else.

The ones who did extremely well were committed. Committed to change, committed to the cost of the program, committed to the process, committed to each session, committed to turning up each week/fortnight or month, committed to their homework, committed to their future visions, committed to pushing through fear, and committed to deep diving into themselves where they needed a scuba tank to find their treasures.

This equated to having their lives radically transformed. They transformed their careers, businesses, lives, money situations, or whatever it was that was holding them back, or that they were hiding from, or that which was stopping or blocking their levels of success.

It blew me away the differences, I look at those who had changed dramatically and transformed and I am still astounded by their levels of success and how much they emotionally changed. Truly phenomenal.

The ones who were not committed in any of those areas mentioned above didn’t do so well.

They had were varying degrees of commitment or more to the point, they were interested but not that committed. Not surprising. One word: commitment. It reminds me of this quote from Kenneth Blanchard.

“There's a difference between interest and commitment. When you're interested in something, you do it only when it's convenient. When you're committed to something, you accept no excuses; only results.” Kenneth Blanchard.

So, if I had one word of advice to those who are coaches or to those wanting to do coaching it would be this:

To all the Agile coaches in organisations, Life, Business and Executive Coaches, you may already know this but the key to success at the beginning of any agreement is a commitment contract. There are many ways to do this subtly without scaring people.

To those thinking of coaching, if you want to do ANY coaching with anyone, don’t do it unless you are FULLY COMMITTED (not just interested) in all the areas mentioned above. When you are ready, then let your spirit to lead you to the perfect coach that is right for you – then you will radically change and transform your life – rather than waste time or money.

As for me, as of yesterday and thanks to learning these things as I go, I have altered my contract to include a commitment clause but that said, the majority of my clients have radically transformed, only a few not so much. What I have loved doing is going through line by line of the data to understand what happened and when - this is truly power when it comes to changing results!

If you want to read an article on how powerful commitment is try this one at this link. And if you want to know more about me you can either go to my website: or at LinkedIn.

Until next time.

Rachel x Coach. Healer. Author.

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