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Metamorphosis Metatron

The Greatest Archangel of them all.

Recently I wrote an article on Angelic Beings, and it was so popular with questions and people requesting more, that I thought I would write an article about one of my favourite Archangels Metatron.

 One of the most intriguing and profound angelic stories is that of Archangel Metatron, often regarded as one of the most powerful and wise archangels, shrouded in mystique and wonder. What makes Metatron particularly fascinating is his origin as the human prophet Enoch. According to mystical traditions, Enoch's transformation from mortal to angel provides a compelling narrative about our potential for divine elevation.

Metatron is prominently featured in the Book of Enoch, though excluded from the Jewish and Christian Bibles due to questions about its authorship and consistency with canonical texts. Despite its influence on some New Testament writings and its canonical status in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, it remains outside the mainstream biblical canon.

Genesis 5:24 succinctly recounts Enoch's fate: "And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him." This verse is often interpreted as evidence of Enoch's bodily ascension into heaven, symbolizing his exceptional righteousness and close relationship with the Divine.

In Jewish mystical traditions, Metatron stands out due to his transformation from human to angel and his role as the heavenly scribe, meticulously recording cosmic events and deeds, emphasizing his role in maintaining divine order. He reminds us of the importance of integrity, spiritual growth, and the pursuit of higher knowledge.

His high rank as possibly the highest angel or "Prince of the Countenance" underscores his unique proximity to God, making him a pivotal mediator between the divine realm and humanity. In Kabbalistic thought, Metatron's association with the sefirah of Kether and sacred geometry like Metatron's Cube further emphasizes his profound significance in understanding divine reality and cosmic structure.

According to ancient texts, Enoch's righteous life and profound spiritual insights led to his ascension and metamorphosis into Metatron, the "scribe of God." This narrative symbolises the potential for profound transformation within each of us. By cultivating righteousness, wisdom, and a deep connection to the divine, we can undergo our own metamorphosis, manifesting as heightened consciousness, purpose, and alignment with our spiritual nature.

Metatron's transformation from human to angelic being symbolises humanity's capacity to transcend earthly limitations and achieve spiritual enlightenment. Enoch's journey from man to celestial being inspires those on a path of spiritual growth and divine connection.

In modern contexts, angelic symbolism, like Metatron's, offers insights into feeling into our consciousness and spiritual knowledge. In a world often driven by material pursuits and tangible achievements, the story of Metatron encourages us to seek balance by nurturing our spiritual selves and striving for that balance in our mind, body and spirit to enable personal transformation.

This quote also helps us to modernize his presence: Do not judge yourself and do not judge others at all. Do not be at a point of judgement, merely be in your discernment that your consciousness may transform, and you will walk into your full power. From this place you may create anything. - Archangel Metatron by R. Mackenzie.

In conclusion, as we navigate our careers and personal lives, the guidance of angels can serve as a metaphor for the unseen support and wisdom available to us. Whether we interpret these beings as literal messengers or symbolic representations of our higher selves, their presence can inspire us to act with greater purpose, compassion, and integrity.

In reflecting on Metatron he invites us to walk with purpose, seek wisdom beyond the material world, and embrace our own potential for transformation. By integrating these spiritual principles into our lives, we cultivate holistic success and fulfilment, marked by achievements and a deeper sense of purpose, potentiality and connection to the world and others.

Until next time.


Rachel x

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