Should we care as much about our childrens education as we do?

Updated: Jun 20

Over the past week our local school here in New Zealand has frustrated me to no end. From receiving an email about the new school term on the night before it begins, to very vague instructions on clear process and procedures in accessing what platforms our son needed to access, to along with the very different national platform standards that each school is using to teach students. Some schools are using, Google Classroom, some Khan Academy, some are teaching via YouTube others via Microsoft Teams, some via Zoom and others just emailing! I won’t even go there how some kids are not receiving anything – that just infuriates me even more.  You name it varies from to school for the very same grades.

How do I know this?

Due to my own personal situation, I was so frustrated that I put up a Facebook post and the amount of private messages I received, from other parents experiencing the same situation or even private messages from those dealing with the Ministry of Education on different facilities available that schools can use to help them, left me astounded and bewildered on the inconsistency across the country of our Ministry of Education. It left me wondering if any child across New Zealand is actually receiving a standard level of education right now. From what I see, definitely not.

By the end of last night, I was so worked up – fuming actually, that my wise husband said to me “I don’t know why you care so much honey, we never finished high school and look how incredibly successful we are”. 

Of course, he was right, why was I getting so worked up, so expectant of our son to learn in a completely dysfunctional education system that cares more about the Trade Unions and archaic ways of teaching than it does about being a fully standardised world leading and innovative education system that puts the children first?

My upbringing through no fault of my parents in any way due to their own backgrounds, didn’t afford us the opportunity to finish school. I “had” to drop out at 15, move into a girl’s home (from a caravan park) and cycle to Coles New World at 2am every morning to pack meat in the meat hall. It did me the world of good because it inspired “desire” within me.

When I look back over my very successful career, I have always been inspired by those who didn’t finish school and even today some of the worlds most wildly successful people didn’t finish high school some of them being David Karp worth $200million who is the founder of Tumblr, Aretha Franklin who is our gorgeous soul singing sister! Philip Emeagwali who is a supercomputer Scientist and came up with the formula for allowing a large number of computers to communicate at once (father of the internet claimed by some), Quentin Tarantino (hello Pulp Fiction fame!), George Foreman (Grilling King) and many more! Then there are those who didn’t go to University hello my three favourites Bill Gates, Jesus (no link or intro needed) and of course the legendary Mother Teresa!!! Yes, some of them they received Honorary Doctorates but that was “after” the fact of being exemplary in following their inner calling or intuition to what they “wanted” to do in life and how they wanted to live.

After fuming yesterday and into late last night, reflecting on my life, my career and those who inspire me to no end out there who didn’t finish school or go to University, (locally hello the incredible Vanessa Sorrenson), I woke up happy this morning. No I shouldn't care about our son's education as much as I did yesterday.

Instead, as long as our son does his best, I am not going to fume or care about changing an archaic education system ruled by unions and instead channel my energy into teaching our son what I learned along the way.

That as long as you do your best in whatever it is that you do, trust your intuition, imagination and inner guidance; stay positive, do the action what that guidance tells you to do and don’t lose your integrity along the way, then that for me is what will get you through in living an extraodinary life. All things that schools do not teach.

Until next time.

Rachel x – Helping people find direction, purpose, passion and LIVE BIG lives!


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