4 Steps: Relaunching you in Covid-19

Updated: Jun 20

Even though some of us have been working through Covid-19, we have all had the gift of having some time to go inward and reflect on our lives. What I LOVE about this time is the incredible opportunity of being able to relaunch a new version of you.

Whether that be relaunching your workplace reputation, relaunching your new idea, product or service or relaunching you in some new way, Covid has given us a prime opportunity to relaunch ANYTHING!

Now that we know we can relaunch anything, you maybe asking right now, so how do I start, you may ask? Here are my four steps that I have used and that work that you may like to try.

STOCKTAKE – this first step is the foundation. Just like all the retailers and hospitality venues are doing right now, take a stocktake of your life and get rid of anything old and out of date. Look at what is or was working and what isn’t. You may have already done this during lockdown so write it down! Marie Kondo in her book the Life Changing Magic of tidying up gives us a great example here where she says you don’t keep anything you don’t love. I am not saying throw everything out, but this is the time to take stock and make some forward-thinking and bold decisions on vacuuming out of your life for that which you no longer want and replacing it with that which you do. This also includes attitudes, patterns and behaviours that no longer serve you.

The question you ask here is: “What do I need to vacuum out of my life for this new relaunch of a new version of me?”

STRUCTURE - once you’ve done the stocktake, it’s now time to restructure yourself in a way that asks how you want to be seen by the world in this new version of you. This is where you change your thinking of what you have thought into new redesigned thought patterns.

It is here you list out how you want to be viewed. What new attributes do you want people to see that you know you have, but are not being seen in that way? Once you answer some of those questions you can then start to structure a pitch. This pitch will be the foundation for the new relaunch of the new you. This pitch can be your sales pitch, your message, your writings (whitepapers, books or articles) or an elevator pitch to showcase to the world. How you structure this area will be unique to you. Trust you.

This quote sums up this structure section: Most transformation programs satisfy themselves with shifting the same old furniture about in the same old room. But real transformation requires that we redesign the room itself. Perhaps even blow up the old room. It requires that we change the thinking behind our thinking. Danah Zohar”

At this point, don’t stay in what’s possible, get out of that bland thinking and into what is IMPOSSIBLE and aim for that! Redesign your structure ROOM!

The question you ask here is: “What would I LOVE to structure those parts of me that is more aligned to this new launch of me?”

SOCIALISE – this next part is figuring out how to use what platforms to showcase this new pitch and launch of you. If you are in a corporate organisation and you want to relaunch yourself so that you start being seen as more of leader to move up the ladder, you probably have some internal platforms or systems you can start using to showcase this new launch of you. Alternatively, if you want to change careers altogether and need people to see a new relaunch of you or your brand then choose a social media platform that you want people to associate you with in this new launch. Then design a social media strategy.

The question you ask here is: “Which social structures or platforms will best suit my new relaunch?”

SET SAIL – Courage and confidence baby. This is getting YOU out there, this is the RELAUNCH and YOU GOING ALL IN! No stepping back, holding back or hiding here babe. This is getting that new you out into the world; if and when the winds get choppy hold on and keep steering that new you boat!

The question you ask here is: “How do I confidently “keep” pitching this new relaunch of me to the world”?

Once you know the answer to this write that answer down and keep referring back to it. One word of warning along this new relaunch of you is that at times self-doubt or indecision pops in when people question your new ideas and thoughts. Don’t worry about them, just keep going and call on your values of perseverance and inner courage. Remember it takes some people time to change their viewpoints, but they do only when you are consistent. Consistency and confidence in you is key.

Those are it! So, to all you budding relaunchers of YOU, GO FOR IT! Don’t hold back, be bold, let your genius shine and don’t forget if your use these steps, please let me know how you get on!

Until next time.

Rachel. Builder of living a bold life!

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