Get ready for breakthroughs.

Get ready to rethink your thinking. 

Get ready for heartfelt love and support.

And get ready for shared spiritual stories, strategies, and shifts you’ve never heard of or had until now, but have been waiting your entire lifetime to hear, know and experience.

Remember, you're magical, masterful and mystical. 


It's time to embody, embrace and empower it!


Class Schedule

Dec 11 - Dec 17














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Welcome to the Noûs Mystery School

You've been searching and craving something like this for ages, that something that has a little bit of mystery, magic and mystical undertones and yet something that is practical in the ages and stages we live in our lives.


So what is it you may ask?

The human noûs is the "eye of the heart or soul" or the "mind of the heart". It is said that the soul of man, is created by God in His image, man's soul is intelligent and noetic. This follows the idea that man is a microcosm and an expression of the whole creation or macrocosmos.


Our Noûs Mystery School TM is all about sharing deep, divine and dearly revered spiritual knowledge across many types of faiths, spiritual disciplines, backgrounds and genres, so that you have the tools that expand understanding, raise consciousness and awaken that sleeping spiritual genie that is within the heart and soul; so you unleash power, presence, wisdom, love and KNOWING.


That deep and heartfelt knowing that comes out from within you like a spiritual masterpiece that is awaiting it painter and the right colours to be painted onto its easel. 

Inside our Noûs Mystery School,TM every different, exciting and adventurous workshop, you’ll learn how to be in the energy of alignment, integrity and service that pulls your dream clients, relationships and life towards you.


So you start to paint and bring forth that inner masterpiece that is uniquely yours into life.

What is on offer?

There are two ways you can interact with us here in our Noûs Mystery School.



Through purchasing individually any of the workshops below as one off purchases.  All the classes listed below are 75mins in length and each 75mins costs $49.95NZD.  Scroll below to view the classes.


Through purchasing a Membership and becoming a member all memberships automatically get access to a drop box that will contain ALL the recordings for all the workshops below. Membership also get the following benefits:


ALL ACCESS PASS: Full Noûs Mystery School access to both the LIVE and also the recordings off all the classes should you wish to attend them. Through purchasing a Membership and becoming a member all memberships automatically get access to a drop box that will contain ALL the recordings for all the classes below.


GUIDED MEDITATIONS:  There will be access to a monthly meditation. Each one is great for meditators at all levels.

MONTHLY MEMBERS ONLY WORKSHOP. In the monthly online workshops I coach you on my proven methods for releasing blocks in every area of your life. I’ll help you transform your relationships, release fear, attract abundance, and so much more! This is the only place where you can get this style of coaching from me.

QUARTERLY PSYCHIC Q&A.  Once a quarter members are welcome to join in a live online Psychic Q&A with me. Ask me anything!

SUPER SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY. Join our amazing private Facebook community to connect with like-minded people, find support and feel good.

A MONTHLY MANTRA. Each month has a specific focus, with beautiful mantra art you can download, print and share to stay inspired.

COST FOR MEMBERSHIP: $88 NZD PER MONTH. This will increase on the  1st July to $111 per month.


As Nous Mystery School is so new, memberships will commence on the 5th March 2021.



Those who clients of mine on my Spiritual Coaching Program will automatically receive access to the Mystery School (so don't buy anything those beautiful peeps) as part of a valued addition. If you'd like to be part of my one-to-one private program go to this link.


These are updated and changed regularly so keep an eye on our website to see what is changed, added or bought forth into spiritual manifestation.

Our class cancellation policy is located at this link. Please ensure you read it!