This isn't only about the law of attraction baby, but also about the law of vibration, the law of creation and most of all creating heart coherence abundance where we light your life up so you shine and attract from your heart, mind and soul.
Want to know how? 
Abundance. Rachel Wotten.

Rachel x

There is no doubt from coaching hundreds of people over these past few years that at some stage in everyone's lives we fall into the mindset space where we look around at our lives and find ourselves thinking that there is nothing we can do to change a situation and then when that happens we fall into a dark pit of despair, struggling to pull ourselves out, desperate to find a way forward from a situation but unable to do so.


When we fall into this space, it creates a feedback loop, one in which we feel like we need to do something to make a change but simply cannot figure out what that something looks like and along with it comes a feeling or a sense of desperation.


The more desperate we become, the more ineffective our strategies are, and before we know it, we have spent years suffering through a lack of prosperity and abundance on many levels of our lives.


Well I am here to tell you that this CAN change and BE changed. 

I know first hand that we have untapped value within ourselves, and to manifest prosperity or abundance on all levels takes a bit of guidance, effort and an openness to look inside yourself and see it and that it is a matter of mindset and energy and once you shift this all else follows and flows.


You already are abundant and once you have delved into your heart, up-leveled your mindset and and entered into the right energy zones, realizing that you are enough and feeling that realization fully and completely, you will activate abundance across all areas of your life spontaneously and continuously.


That is what this 90min session is about; Turning dreamers into abundant achievers!

Who is this for? For those ready to:


  • Move from dreaming to achieving.

  • Stop mulling and start manifesting.

  • Find a job that makes them happy and radiate joy!

  • Move from visioning to vibrating from the heart.

  • Creating coherence across head, heart and soul.

  • Create a life of their dreams rather than watch from the sidelines.

  • Be able to tune into and turn off that inner voice or inner critic and be able to confidently say - back off buddy! 

  • Start to thrive rather than just survive.

  • Energetically encounter a journey of quantum self discovery. 

  • You want to discover a heart based program that unlocks spiritual ideals.


This session is to be booked at least three weeks in advance as that gives us time to send you a workbook prior to the actual 90min session.


Upon booking you will receive a heart coherence abundance workbook and all the details and tools you need to have ready in preparation for our 90min session together.

In your 90min session, we go through your workbook as well as some breathwork and visualizations to speed up the manifesting abundance process to have you vibrating at the right levels so you radiate the law of attraction! 

Cost:  $295 for 90mins. Includes a workbook. 

My results speak volumes which is on my client love page. If you'd like to know when our next class starts or more, book a discovery call with me today.

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