You know you are incredible and have even more incredible dreams stored up inside.
BIG dreams for your business or life – dreams that you know if you could just bring to life
 To tap into that supernatural lifeforce within to take you beyond your current life into extrodinary.
If this is you, then you've come to the right place!
Intuition. Intuitive. Results.

Do you think intuition is reserved for the successful ones?

It's not!

Here is a newsflash!

They became successful by using their intuition!

They activated and awakened it! They did this by.....

A. Trusting "their" inner guidance more than others.

B. Having the confidence to believe in it.

C. Act on it accordingly!

I have been where you are!  You're big-hearted that not many people understand, who wants to feel clarity, purpose, direction and momentum at a whole ther level but you want to do it on your terms - authentically and uniquely. 

You want to take your life or business to a whole other level and you want to do it in a way that feels strategic and growth-oriented, whilst also being confident, gentle and heart-felt. 


You want to experience life like the adventure and freedom that it's meant to be.


You want tap into the money that you see others seem to be able to have - heck why not! Universal flow, prosperity and abundance is waiting for you to claim it! 


Well let me tell you - YOU CAN! 


And it isn’t about inheriting a business, marrying rich or winning the lottery either.

Even more surprising? Having the thoughts that you'll just "work harder" is no guarantee that you’ll wind up wealthier or healthier either.


In fact, most people miss out on all the money, love and success that’s available to them because they aren’t putting in the work where it actually matters...on harnessing and honing in on their intuition which is ready and waiting to guide and govern them to unsurpassed riches!

That is right! True wealth, health, and love starts from within.  It’s built by trusting YOU, belief by belief and action by action, each one moving the needle closer and closer to your dreams when you listen to that hunch, that spidey sense and that gut instinct.


If your life is calibrated towards outer rather than the inner, you’re always going to be living with less than you deserve - and you know it. 

Working on your intuition is the BEST thing you could possibly do for yourself. #honestly

So, make no mistake about it — we DO have the power. The power to upgrade our computers, softare and operating system. The power to tap into our intuition. The power to shift our compass. The power to upgrade our computers. The power to script out our future, and the power to take our own internal supercomputer into new summits!

That’s why I created - Intuition Accelerator.  Because when you’re standing at the edge of a full system upgrade, it’s gonna take a whole lot of assistance in running that antivirus so that you stay under guidance, support and structure to keep you moving into full computer intuitive super-power. That’s what’s waiting for you under the hood of this program.

Are you ready? Is this for you?


  • You’ve tried many different things to attract more business, increase sales, or find your purpose but nothing much worked. 

  • You’ve focused on doing all the right things (out there) that you've been instructed to do, but you haven't made much progress.

  • You’re ready to make more money in your business or a bigger impact in life by tapping into that something bigger you can use when this program finishes.

  • You know its time to make good on living your dream and purpose - full on - no more excuses.

  • You’re ready to defrag what you have been harboring and start downloading what you want using intuition. That includes downloading healthier relationships, happier thoughts, and a wealthier bank account.

  • You feel like the next level is within your reach, but you’ve expanded about as far as you can go on your own. It’s time to upgrade yourself into a brand new inner datacentre  that can actually help you grow bigger, better, and richer.

  • You want to break free from the bullshit patterns and Integrate with a capital I.



  • You’re so addicted to the old operating system which is outdated, slow, struggling and committed to staying broke that you’re not willing to do the work it takes to overcome it.

  • You want to maintain the status quo. Same ole, same ole.

  • You don’t believe it’s possible to change or upgrade the circumstances in life. You’re given a 2009 Mac and that is what you’re given - end of the story.

  • You live for being the victim in the story. Always running out of money, sabotaging your relationships and engineering a life that’s too small for your dreams.

  • You want to keep passing your limiting beliefs, shame, guilt, and pain to the next generation instead of healing it now while you’ve got the chance.


Ready to learn more? Well babe....read on.

The Intuitive Accelerator goes way beyond money, honey. It’s a small group program designed to tap into your intuitive superpower to you unleash YOU INC AND we are RESULTS FOCUSED!

No more hiding or holding back.

No more excuses or emptiness.

No more condeming and inner critic baby.

This is all about accelerating that inner confidence and do what you were put here to do in the world


It is all Heroism, Energy, Confidence and did I mention.... RESULTS!!

Wanna know more? Like taking a sneak peak inside?

The next program starts on Thursday the 2nd July 2020 at 10am NZ time.

Register for a spot on our program. Only 12 people accepted per program!

YEAH I AM IN BABY! I've checked with my intuition and I am READY!!! 

When you register, it will take you to a book a calendar spot for a video call. We do a call with everyone to ensure you are ready for what lays ahead on this journey and to see if we all fit each other as a group before any commitment to anyone is made. 

NOTE: THESE GET SOLD OUT QUICKLY....As soon as the dates are released, so don't hesitate!

If you are NOT ready right now, place your name on the waitlist for the next one to be scheduled. Likely to be sometime in Septemeber 2020 at this stage.

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