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Sacred Heart Breathwork, Chanting and Prayers


$25 per class


9-10:00am every Friday morning


About the Course

STARTS FRIDAY 31st March 2024.

Located in a room at Rachel's house and with only four participants.

In a 90-minute session each week, participants engage in sacred heart chanting, synchronizing breathwork with prayers. This holistic practice fosters deep spiritual connection, inner peace, and emotional balance and opens the heart. Through specialised rhythmic chants and focused breath, individuals embark on a transformative journey, nurturing their souls and cultivating harmony within. Only four participants per class.

Bring along a yoga bolster and blanket. Mats provided or you can bring along your own. Also don't forget some water!

Your Instructor

Rev. Rachel

Rev. Rachel

Rev. Rachel is passionate about all things mystical, metaphysical and spiritual. She holds a Masters of Divinity, is half way through Spiritual Direction Certification, Yoga, Energy Healing and many other certifications. She is also a highly successful business woman using spiritual techniques in the business world for success!

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