Spiritual Healing.

This is unlike anything you've ever seen or had, because I am unlike anyone you've ever met!
This goes beyond quantum healing into quantifiable enjoyment and managing energy levels at a whole other level!
Want to get the inside scoop on the how? 


I used to feel like I was stuck in mud, wondering what was next in my life and wondering how to get there. Is that you too?

Every wondered how to shift or change that state immediately? Want to know how I learned it in the Army, Corporate and now practice it as an Spiritual Healer as well as teach others how to change these states quickly in a positive way?


In serving in the Military and using everything I learned about strategy, tactics and battle field bravery, it was all put to the test when I was deployed to the front line, in a war torn country.


In trying to make sense of war many years later after studying energy and ancient esoteric teachings, I realised that the battefield and war zone of our own minds is a far worse combat zone than any war torn country or community. We battle fear, shame, guilt, doubt, indecision, resentment, worry, hate, anger and judgement just to name a few. These lead to energetic imbalances and if not attended to in the end dis-ease.

To understand those fine energetic levels and then manage energy whether than be ours or others, we must understand ourselves at a whole other level. We must deal with those delicate intricacies that make up our quantum and energetic field. That is what these sessions are designed to do.

These are incredibly unique in their delivery mixing in Spiritual Healing, Reiki, Yogi Breathing, Chakra Clearing, Channeling, Mindset, Storytelling and many other forms of Energy work.  This is only for those ready and willing to step into claiming their inner world and changing their energy state for one of more positivity, clarity and calmness in our ever shifting world!

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