Energy Healing.

This is unlike anything you've ever had because I am unlike anyone you've ever met!
If you are here it is because you KNOW you need something to shift BIG TIME or you need to get to understand YOU at that deeper level. Or you need the time and space to clear, hear and heal from the soul level and help it realign. 
If that sounds like you then you've come to the right place so read on babe!
If that is you, you've come to the right place. Want to know more?
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I have been in the same shoes you are in now.

You’re a smart, successful, high-achiever.

 On the outside, it looks like you’ve got it all together.

On the inside, it’s a different story.

You’re mind NEVER stops.

It goes over, and over, like a broken record player of the worries, doubts and fears that you are holding onto.

You’re exhausted. Your to-do list is never-ending.

Your life has been taken over by work and worry.

You’re no longer present for the people you love.

Your not being honest or authentic to yourself or others around you.

And it feels like life is passing you by because you've lost passion and energy.

The scariest part of it all?

You can’t see a way out.

I hear you babe, we live in a world where the mind never stops, where the head goes and goes and goes and goes. 

Where fear is portrayed on a daily basis in a lot of our media outlets, where they add to those anxieties and worries.

We have never ending to-do lists, anxieties, fears, guilt, shame, humiliation, all stored up in this beautiful mind that is waiting for an escape.


These stored up feelings and thoughts have played over and over in our heads like a broken record and we lose energy in worry.


For our healing sessions, clients come to us on the verge of burning out or burning down what they’ve worked so hard to build up.


They’ve often tried changing jobs, getting promotions, meeting with career counselors, ignoring it, wine therapy, talk therapy, shop therapy, anxiety medicine, sleeping pills, even yoga and self help books...and none of it works.

The reason none of those things work is because they don’t get to the root cause of working at the Quantum and Energetic Level where you get to clear, hear and heal from the soul and help it realign.


And here is the thing, if you don't heal at this level, what is niggling that soul of yours, you don’t get to the underlying cause, then you’ll never find the lasting solution.


Instead, you’ll either move from job to job hoping it gets better or you’ll keep pushing it down and ignoring the problem until something breaks.


There is another way.

What’s happening with your energy affects your life.


Through energy-work, I channel what your soul is craving and help you turn that into powerful transformation. My heart-centered, intuitive process energizes your passions and gives you the space to meet your potential.


In these sessions, whether than be ours or others energy, we must understand ourselves at a whole other fine energetic and spiritual level. We must deal with those delicate intricacies that make up our quantum and energetic fields and that is what these sessions are designed to do.

What happens in a session?

These are incredibly unique and personalised in their delivery, mixing in that which I am qualified in bringing to you and tuning into that which you need. As a qualified Reflexologist, Sound Healer, Energetic Healer,  Massage Therapist, Spiritual Healer, Level 3 Reiki Practictioner, 200hr Yoga Teacher, Yogi Breathing Practitioner, and many other forms of Energy work. I also can channel during these session if you wish. To channel means pass through messages that come during the healing session. I have to assess every individual uniquely because who you are and what you have been through to where you are now is incredibly unique and complex. 

In person sessions are where you come and have a rest on a massage table (fully clothed) and then get to rest while I go to work. Over video calls you get to meditate or rest while we go to work.


This is only for those ready and willing to step into claiming their inner world and changing their energy state for one of more positivity, clarity and calmness in our ever shifting world!

These can be done in person or via video calls. The cost is $180 NZD for 90mins and you can book these online via the link above or below! I get pretty booked out in advance for these sessions just as a side note. The only thing I ask is that you come with an open heart and mind.

If you are still unsure, you can contact me below or book a discovery call on the front page of my website. I can walk and talk you through it to help you feel more comfortable. 

If you'd like to know more,  check out these two websites which are pretty cool in helping people understand more detail.

Hope to see you when you are ready. 

Rachel xxx

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