Confession Session.

Are you tired of wrestling with doubt, anxiety, worry, fear and those worries that play over and over in your mind – on your own?
Are you ready to have at that feeling of release that you’ve been craving instead of just feeling like you’re either figuring it out on your own in a non judgmental and confidential environment?
Well you have come to the right place. 
Read on to know more.
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Spiritual Advisor.

When I left the IT and Tech Corporate world as one of the top  executives and decided to move down the spiritual path as a calling; I wanted to ensure it wasn't too far one way of being airy fairy woo woo, nor too far the other way of being shove down your throat religious.
The reality is, people don't want woo woo nor have religion shoved down their throat and everyone knows, that is not me.
 The people I work with in a spiritual advisory capacity need someone who will listen and not judge, be a confidential guide, hel them connect to their inner guidance and provide professional, grounded and uplifting, wisdom or advice during the many phases of their lives. 
That is what I provide. Want to learn more?

 Don't let that beautiful mind of yours worry too much hun. There is another way.

Oh you will FEEL SO GOOD when you unload and confess that which has been weighing you down.


The benefits of sharing a problem and taking it off your shoulders is GINORMOUS! Physically, mentally and spiritually.


You get to start to clear the forest so you can see the trees when you confess and guess what is best of all?

We operate form that space and place where no one is judged, condemned or criticized and things are kept super-confidential.


Where there are no solutions, but a total soul searching surrender. Where we respond with love.


AND there is NOTHING you could say that would shock me so you don't have to worry about that.


I have heard nearly everything in these sessions.


This is not the program for solutions, if you want tools and strategies that is for one of our other programs.


This is a 15min confess, bless and then carry on with your life.


This system works and there’s nothing else like it out there.

Finally, this is free. If you'd like to offer a love donation you can on our website or if not, that is okay too, spirit will provide. 


When you book a session, the process will be provided.