Client Love Stories.

I was privileged to work with Rachel as my Executive Coach. After nearly a year back in NZ after 20 years in international markets I was feeling lost and somewhat disillusioned. Through this coaching I was able to restore my inner strength and resilience and find my purpose! With her fun, engaging and challenging style, Rachel empowered me to put myself in the arena and smash it!

Lauren Salisbury

CIO, Government Technology

I have been coached by Rachel in my role at Microsoft and have significantly benefited from her workshops in a number of ways. Rachel has helped me to push perceived boundaries and has challenged my thinking in both my personal and professional life. She has no -nonsense approach and holds you accountable for your commitments in order to achieve personal growth, potential and confidence. She becomes personally involved in helping you achieve agreed goals and goes over and above to help her clients.

Chris Penney

Global Technology Executive

I don’t pretend to understand the mechanics of how Rachel does what she does, but what I do know is that her methods provide me with a clarity and focus that I haven’t got from other coaching and development opportunities. 


She seems to be able to focus on the areas of greatest need, both professionally and personally, some of which I may not have identified myself.


I would highly recommend her to others – as long as they are open to a different way of working than they may have experienced before. 

Michelle Van Gaalen

Managing Director

I have had the absolute blessing and pleasure of being connected with Rachel and working with her in a professional capacity.  


I have had a profound experience on many levels, however most critically absolute clarity and focus.  This has empowered me to make very clear and strategic decisions which are having a phenomenal impact on the direction and outcome of the extremely important work we do.  


Every connection I have had with Rachel has been both positive and uplifting.  She has a natural ability to connect, meet you where you are at and support in guiding your next building blocks to success.  Thank you Rachel for all.

Anastasia Massoura

CEO, Pure Insights Australia


The first thing you'll notice is how warm, kind and unairy fairy Rachel is! Her gift is amazing and she's genuine and generous as well. I always leave feeling more peaceful, energized and her energywork sessions have given me insight and clarity.


I recommend her to my friends, and they also rave about her. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you Rachel for sharing your gift and all that you do.


Founder & CEO, Designer

We were lucky enough to be introduced to Rachel via a senior executive in the market to assist our staff with mindfulness - covering both meditation and breathing. For the last three months Rachel has been coming and working with the team.


The feedback has been outstanding - it is great to be able to offer this to the staff particularly in extremely stressful demanding roles. We didn't want our relaxation to all be Friday night drinks.


What makes it great with Rachel is that she has come out of an extremely senior and demanding role herself so is talking to us in our own language. Each session is supported by extremely informative notes around the why's. I highly recommend companies large and small to have this as an offering. When you have a few of the staff attending it is a very cost-effective offering.

Carmen Bailey 

CEO, Recruitment Firm