Have you ever come across those people who embody charisma and mana? Where they exude peace, clarity and conviction?
Then they probably chant. So baby, chant you way to clear choices, creating abundance and changing your energy through our chanting program! 
Chanting. Healing. Breathing. Coaching.

Oh I hear you - you're like nah-nah, no way honey - I can't sing for love nor money and this aint my thing! Well - don't go anwhere sister!


Well I can tell you, I felt the same way until one day when I was chanting that I saw the energy in the room being released in this all powerful ball of pure presence, light and love and in that instant, I didn't care about my voice, I knew in that instant that chants change energy.

How do you make these achieving activities and innner assertions stick? Through the firming up of the subconscious babywith affirmations! Powerful, profound and positive affirmations. Ones that are designed to wake up the sleeping inner giant and make universal changes at the subconscious level.

What do we do? 

These are fun, happy and intense one off sessions and you'll have to stay posted to our website for the session dates and times. These will be in our events section. They will run for two hours at time and focus on a particular issue. For example our last one which was AMAZING, was based on chanting to remove obstacles  in your life.

My results speak volumes which is on my client love page. If you'd like to know when our next class starts or more, book a discovery call with me today.