This isn't only about the law of attraction baby.
It's the law of star studded CREATION! We move WAY beyond attracting to ACHIEVING.
Want to know how? 

Rachel x

It is proven in my whitepaper (yes check it out here gorgeous!) that your net-worth is directly related to your self-worth!


When your self-worth improves, so does your achieving factor. Achieving that incredible dream,  life you have always dreamed of having! Achieving harmony, continunity and consistency, calmly, confidently and creatively! 

How do you make these achieving activities and innner assertions stick? Through the firming up of the subconscious babywith affirmations! Powerful, profound and positive affirmations. Ones that are designed to wake up the sleeping inner giant and make universal changes at the subconscious level.

Who is this for? For those ready to:


  • Understand that inner voice or inner critic and be able to confidently say - back off buddy! 


  • Start to thrive rather than just survive.


  • Energetically encounter a journey of quantum self discovery.


  • You'd rather take a step by step process rather than one giant leap.


  • You scientically want to understand the ins and outs of mind engineering.


  • You want to discover a heart based program that unlocks spiritual ideals.

How do we do it? 

This is one of my favourite programs where once a week for three weeks, we catch up in a small group of no more than 12 people over a period of  21 days.

At those times we meet up, we go through this process as a cosy and confidential, fun loving group, in three steps. 


First we cover off the basics of affirming, the formula that I have used over the years that has proven to work and the practical metholdogies of executing a plan in changing, attracting and affirming that into your life that you want!

My results speak volumes which is on my client love page. If you'd like to know when our next class starts or more, book a discovery call with me today.

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