What’s the most potent rocket fuel imaginable for going bigger in your life and business? 

You Are!


There is so much potential in our every day. The prospect of greatness is always there, but can seem out of reach when we feel out of tune.

But the truth is - sometimes, you just have to ask.

Learn to create and connect with the universe on a whole new level. Shift your energy, visualise your goals, and let good fortune flow - creatively!


Together, we create big time! We set intentions. Chant affirmations. Make changes. Trust that healing happens when you have faith.


I know, because I’m living proof.


I was very much entwined in the corporate world when I decided to study the vibrations of energy, some 15 years ago. Over that time, I worked with many Indian, Yoga and Energy teachers who passed down their teachings to activate my energy in ways that would stimulate success across my life.


I realised that the power of connecting energetically at a vibrational level had enormous power and could shift my perception, provide clarity and replace unhealthy patterns far more quickly than just using my mindset, or by thought alone.  


I soon saw that anything in my life that needed changing - whether that be my finances, health or relationships - could be done efficiently and effectively through these techniques - and the results were remarkable.


When I used these ancient practices of chanting and affirmations, I changed in phenomenal ways – and so did the world around me.


I attracted to me……


  • The most exquisite Maori man who happened to stumble across my path. We have now been married for over 13 delicious years.

  • The pinch-yourself happy six figure salary and career wheich came to life in my inbox.

  • Worldwide travels doing what I love…and all to change the world.

  • Debt turned into daring ideas and direction that led me to prosperity at all levels.

  • My vitality and energy increased and I became more patient (a #hallelujah moment for afforementioned husband)


And the best news?


If this happened for me, I just know it can happen to you.


So if you’re tired of guessing the next best move and want that ‘inner knowing’;


If you’re stuck in decision paralysis and need something to shift – fast;


If you’d like to design your new abundant and prosperous life;


If you want to grow your income without working harder, or longer;


If you want to discover the root cause of energy blockages and unlock flow;


If you want to release old limiting patterns, beliefs and systems by changing your life..and the world;


If you want to reclaim your freedom and start living life on your terms;


Join us.


Join a group where you feel fully supported. Start feeling like you are living true to your purpose and laying the foundations for a future you’re actually excited about…where you’re doing what you love, serving clients who make you happy, and making money at the same time.


Join us to understand the power of energy, your mind and how it all works.


Want to know more?

Sessions are one hour in length and run every single Sunday afternoon and Monday morning of the year. #52 weeks. #52 opportunities.


I will be attending every single one, but you can attend any, or all.


Each week, the group will focus on something to work on both personally and professionally. You bring something in your life you want transformed, and using one of the over 200 chanting mantras I have learned over the past 15 years, along with specific affirmations, intentions and connecting you to the divine, we start to change the energy and focus on what it is you want changed.


Don’t worry if you think you can’t sing, or are scared to try. I can’t sing either! Chanting is very different. It uses your voice in command, and is as calming as it is sacred. Everyone attending has intentions of healing, just like you.


We focus inward and outward, both as individuals and on a group level.


How long until you see changes?


Everyone is different, and so is their progress. Some will see changes quickly, and for others it will take time. Trust in the process, and good will follow.



Choose from four levels:


  1. Casual Class:  24.95 NZD for 1 x 1 hr class every Sunday at 4pm NZ time.

  2. Month by month group pass: $80 NZD per month for as many Activating Abundance classes that month you wish to choose that are being offered.

  3. Yearly group membership:  $780 NZD per year (this is only $15 per session!) and for as many Activating Abundance classes there are on offer. But note there are no refunds, so decide wisely. If you attend a few casual sessions and decide you want the membership, I will happily refund the cost of your casual sessions).

  4. Private sessions:  $195 NZD for a one-hour session. These are far more intense and we escalate change quickly.

See our terms and conditions form here.

Yay I am in!!!

Activating Abundance

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